Salty’s Lobster Shack Food Truck

I am very happy to see Salty’s Lobster Shack choose to operate their food truck in an urban environment for us to enjoy their delicious lobster rolls close to home. Their lobster rolls are refreshing summer treat, but I am disappointed by the amount of imitated crab meat fillers inside. Aside from that, I hope they can be more dependable on following their schedules. I tried to visit them at the park twice at different days of the week without any luck.

Hot and Juicy Chicken in the Downlow

This is the first time I am trying Nashville hot chicken. These two flavor-packed deep-fried boneless chicken legs are the best I have had in Vancouver, and I’m not being exaggerated. The exterior is crunchy and crispy, but they crumble to my bite without hurting my gums. Even when wet, the batter remained its texture because it was served right after seasoning. The vibrant red coating looks sinister and knowing I would be soon breathing hell-fire made my mouth water.

Truffle Gouda by Dutch Cheese Makers Corp.

We were really happy to find this luxurious treat from Whole Foods Market. The sample size cost more per unit, but the cost for larger quantity at $10.99/lb is actually not that bad. This added truffle flavour may not be for cheese experts as I do find the flavour getting boring after a while. However, the Klare Melk Truffle Gouda would definitely impress your friends who haven’t tried them. It would be perfect for a cheese party or even pot luck.

Fatburger American fast-food restaurant franchise in Vancouver

My burger was tightly wrapped in paper which caused the un-wrapped portion to open up and look extremely hard to bite. The beef felt weighty and was very satisfying to bite into. Onion and pickle provided the crispy texture. I really enjoyed this burger, but with a little bit of guilt as I see oil dripping off the wrapping. The entire burger held together quite nicely. Not much mess was made from inhaling this burger.

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