Hainanese Chicken

City 1 Cafe, Hainanese Chicken

Authentic Singaporean Hainanese chicken are usually paired with sweetened dark soy sauce and garlic-chili dipping sauce. The Hainanese chicken served at City 1 Cafe seems to be more in line with Cantonese style Hainanese chicken. However, this does not diminish the tastiness of these chicken. These chicken have succulent and firm meat with plump and smooth skin. With the bones removed, I can’t really ask for more. We recommend City 1 Cafe’s Hainanese chicken.

Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant

Green & Oak strive to provide good food, and their attention to details can be observed during my time here. There’s no doubt that Green & Oak is such an iconic Malaysian Restaurnat in the greater Vancouver. For $20 per person, we really enjoyed our meal. If you just order a set dish without satay, you can probably lower the cost down to $13, which I believe is quite fair for the food quality.

i-Cafe Cantonese Cafe

Cantonese Cafe has gained enough traction over the years by putting Cantonese spins on major cuisines like American, French, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, and Japanese food. I personally find it insulting because you simply cannot miso in your noodle and call it Ramen. However, there is definitely a demand for this type of food, so who am I to judge? That being said, I would stick to the Asian cuisines offered in i-Cafe. The ever-increasing food cost has reached $14 for a lunch special with a cold drink. What you have to be a little careful about Cantonese cafe such as i-Cafe is some of the semi-hidden costs. For example, $1 extra for cold drinks, or $1 extra if you want to swap out for Ramen noodle.

SHiOK! Singaporian eatery

Most establishments using words relating to “Delicious” in their names have been grilled quite harshly by us. SHiOK! is definitely an exception. The entire eatery is congruent in providing a Singaporean atmosphere. This is a very popular style in Singapore. They also provide an authentic taste at an extremely affordable price. I haven’t seen any main course at $10/dish for a while. Our bill costs $20 per person after tax with everything we have ordered. If you want to try Singaporean food, Shiok is the place to start.

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