About Us

604FoodCritic truthful commitments

“I want to write about real reviews.” That’s my stubbornness going against the opportunity to make any real money with this blog. There are way too many review blogs getting paid to twist their views. And that is just ironic.

We do not write restaurant commissioned articles

We do not advertise for restaurants

We do not accept gifts from restaurants in any form to sway our opinion

Every customer’s experience in a particular restaurant is going to be different depending on staffing, timing, and even the chef’s mood, etc. We cannot guarantee your approval from our point of view, but we can guarantee the truthfulness in our opinion.

Review aspects

We believe your dining experience starts way before the food arrives at your table. The ambient, music, lighting, friendliness of staff all play a big role on preparing our palates for the food.

Our reviews are based on the food quality, restaurant’s effort in creating a pleasant dining experience (including atmosphere and service), and how all that compare to the asking price.