Avery (A家) Fusion of High Tea and Chinese Restaurant

Food Quality
Atmosphere / Services
Reasonable Priced

The decor is obviously aiming for high tea environment. However their menu is a mixture of Chinese wok food, bubble tea, cakes, waffles and pot tea. The traditional high tea tiered….

Food Quality
Atmosphere / Services
Reasonable Priced

My wife and I came here for a Saturday afternoon dessert fix. I was a little ashamed of my sports jacket outfit when I enter and saw the chandeliers, white Christmas tree and white piano in the middle of this restaurant. The server put 3 menu on our table and it was a surprise to see that they consists of a book of full on Chinese restaurant dishes, a sheet of $5 powdered cheap bubble tea, and an over-sized thick book of fruit tea in pots.

We ordered the rose oolong tea, coconut slush with ice cream, caramel crepe cake, rose crepe cake. It cost $35 for two people. A little on the expensive side, but if you come to Avery, you are really paying for the atmosphere.  

The waitresses don’t provide much of a services

The cakes shown on menu are not always available. After ordering two cakes that the waitress told us it’s not available, I asked the waitress which cake shown on the menu is actually available. She told me she doesn’t know and we have to go to the front display area to check availability ourselves.
It was shocking to find the cakes served with plastic protector wrapped around them the way Saint Germain Bakery in Parker place mall do.

The waitress was young and not very friendly. I can kind of tell that she doesn’t really want to talk to us, perhaps due to the way I dress. When we asked for more water for our pot of tea tea, she gave us a 1.5L glass jar of water so we can pour it ourselves. I don’t know if this is good or bad. Some people may like it, I just have never seen it done this way. Just imagine this massive glass of water next to your elegant bone china tea set.

Another thing that I noticed is that my coconut slush came with its handle covered in sugary water. It was sticky to touch when dried. Perhaps I am too picky on how my bubble tea is served, but who would enjoy holding a sticky cup of drinks?

The mille crepe layered cakes are well made

The mille crepe layered cake looks good and is not too sweet, which is to our liking. It’s also worth noting that the cream crepe are very well balanced so it’s not too rich. However, everything else was all just mediocre. At this price, one would expect a little more.

Hermès-inspired cups and royal-styled decor with poor workmanship

When my wife told me we are going out for cake, I grabbed my sports jacket. Avery’s decor completely throw me off when I see the drapery around windows, royal-styled furniture, Corinthian order crown molding. I felt under dressed, and to be honest, quite uncomfortable among the over-dressed teenagers.

I have noticed that their tea sets all have Avery’s logo. They are custom made, and the style and prints reminds me a lot of the tea sets I’ve seen at Hermès.

Upon closer inspection of the furniture and decor, I realize they have very poor workmanship. The paint was casually applied, and feel plasticky. The furniture may look nice and classy at a distance, but it makes you realize who their target audience are.

An unconventional fusion between High Tea and Wok Food and everything in between.

To be honest, I am not sure what they are going for. From the tightly arranged elegant furniture to drinking bubble tea under the chandelier, then to eating Chinese wok food next to a white Christmas tree. This restaurant feels like a mixture of incoherently meshed concepts.

The decor is obviously aiming for high tea environment. However their menu is a mixture of Chinese wok food, bubble tea, cakes, waffles and pot tea. The traditional high tea tiered sweet and savory snacks are no where to be seen. When I was in Avery, I can’t stop imagining Fairmont empress high tea serving Teriyaki Experience combo B with shrimp.

Attached is a picture of the dumpling menu.

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