Best Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid When Wearing Braces

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Braces can do wonders to your teeth, but it also comes with adjustments to your lifestyle. The first few weeks are a critical period because the teeth are still very tender and soft.

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Braces can do wonders to your teeth, but it also comes with adjustments to your lifestyle. The first few weeks are a critical period because the teeth are still very tender and soft. 

There’s both good and bad news for you. The positive thing is that the braces are doing their job in moving the teeth in the proper position. The bad news? You are probably in uncomfortable pain right now. 

Braces will feel a little tight on your teeth, that sometimes you may develop a headache. The brackets may even lacerate your mouth. Your rumbling stomach isn’t helping either. 

We feel you! It’s difficult to apply force on your teeth as it hurts terribly. The greatest sacrifice is adjusting your diet because some foods are simply off-limits. The last thing you’ll need after getting braces is getting food stuck in braces that would damage them. 

What Should You Avoid Eating After Getting Braces?

Eating the following may irritate your teeth and gums because of the pressure and sensitivity. 

  • Ice cream – This is safe to eat with braces but not when you first got them! Because your teeth are extra sensitive right now, your teeth may hurt. It is better to wait for a few days before licking that ice cream! 
  • Thick rolls or bread – Dense bread such as pizza crust, bagels, and baguettes are off the list. Go for softer bread instead to avoid putting pressure onto your teeth.  
  • Nuts and Seeds – Unfortunately, one wrong bite on these snacks would cause a loose bracket. Because of their crunchiness, they can get caught between the wires of your braces. 
  • Spicy foods – You might not enjoy the sting spicy food will cause on the tissues of your mouth. Spicy food would cause salivation and would be hard to deal with. Don’t worry, you’ll get your old taste back, and in a few more weeks, you can enjoy spicy food once again.  
  • Steak and Pork Chop – It may be hard to resist a mouthwatering steak and pork chop, but it may be difficult to chew when you’re wearing your braces. Just remember to cut them into tiny pieces! 
  • Citrus Fruit, Soda, Candy Bars – As much as possible, avoid acidic food that will erode and decay your teeth. Removing acid on your teeth can be difficult to remove despite regular brushing, rinsing, and flossing. Plaque and bacteria are also achieved by too much sugar, building up tartar, and further damage to gums and teeth. 
  • Firm Chips – Tortilla chips or corn chips can hurt your braces and gums. Try a softer, baked potato chip as an alternative!  
  • Chewy Candy and Chewing Gum – These can, unfortunately, help pull braces if it gets stuck in between brackets and wires. It could bend a wire and misalign your teeth. 

Here’s a more extensive list of foods you should avoid when wearing braces

Let’s get to the good part, shall we? Don’t worry because there’s still plenty of food you can eat with your braces. 

Here’s a list of the recommended food to eat after getting your braces:

Anything easy to chew is good to go. But if you need an entire week’s menu, we got it covered for you!

For Breakfast

  • Yogurt – They are cold and soft, and having some can help alleviate oral pain. You can choose from different flavors; be careful with too much sugar. 
  • Eggs – Scrambled Eggs or Soft-Boiled Eggs are simple to prepare and soft to bite. They’re delicious and a great source of protein, especially when you have to avoid hard meat.  
  • Oatmeal – Its warmth can help with inflammation and swelling, especially after getting new braces. Throw in some soft fruits such as bananas or blueberries. 
  • Pancakes, Waffles, and Muffins – It’s soft and fluffy that you can pair with soft cheese and butter. Just remember to avoid nuts and the sugary syrup that often comes with the pancake.

For Lunch

  • Mashed Potatoes – It’s the classic, soft, comfort food that requires almost minimal chewing effort, making it the perfect meal.
  • Fried Rice – You can make use of last night’s leftovers. Throw in some vegetables and soft meat, and it will make a hearty and healthy meal. 
  • Ramen with Soft Meat – Cut chicken into small pieces, and along with spring onion, ginger, cabbage, soft noodles, and soft-cooked eggs, soak into a flavorful broth. 

For Dinner

  • Pasta and Meatballs – Now, that’s a great combination: soft noodles with soft meat. You can have this for both lunch and dinner. 
  • Cooked or soft vegetables – Steaming helps in softening the vegetables. 
  • Soups – It’s not only great for sick days but also when you get new braces. They are easy to eat and don’t require chewing. Consume soups rich in broth and avoid those that got some hard ingredients. You can also go for creamy soups or bisques. 

For Snacks

  • French Fries – Isn’t it good news that you don’t have to give up French fries? Chew it slowly and take smaller bites. Just don’t overdo it because it contains so much oil and can be harmful to your health. 
  • Soft Fruits – That includes melons, oranges, kiwi, bananas, and grapefruit. Cut it into small pieces and top it with cream.

For Desserts

  • Pudding – This is an easy dessert because of its liquidity nature. You can use different flavors with whipped cream on top. 
  • Cake – This is a tricky dessert for your braces, so before indulging, make sure there are no nuts or anything sticky and chewy with it. Go for sponge cakes or any soft cake. 
  • Jelly-O – If you’re looking for soft and cool desserts, gelatin desserts are great choices. Make it exciting by simply adding soft fruit like berries and mango. 

There’s still plenty of food to enjoy with your braces, see these braces-friendly recipes from an orthodontic clinic. Avoid leaving sugary or starchy food around your brackets, so make sure to clean your teeth afterward. 


When you clean between your teeth, pay attention to the space around your braces, and use floss to remove any signs of food. It is essential to see your dentist for regular cleaning. If you notice any damage or issues with your braces, be quick in getting an appointment with your orthodontist right away.    

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