Mr Japanese Curry

Mr. Japanese Curry recently opened their door. There are always line up in front of their door. There are 2 guys working the kitchen and counter. They are friendly and knowledgeable of their product. Their slogan is “Curry for All!!”, and it can be witnessed in the versatility of their menu. That being said, Mr. Japanese Curry really delivers a comfortable hearty meal with high quality ingredients that doesn’t break your wallet.

DaWanGong 大碗公 Taiwanese Food Stand in Crystal Mall

A bento box packed with goodies that cost less than $10 seems like something of the last decade. Most importantly, we can taste the authenticity of Taiwanese flavour in their food. The intensity of flavour becomes a personal preference. If you like either a cheap eat, or authentic Taiwanese cuisine, DaWanGong is 2020’s newest food stand you cannot miss.

Pearl Castle Cafe in Burnaby

Pearl Castle Cafe is a below-average bubble tea restaurant where you can meet up with friends over drinks and perhaps get a quick bite throughout the process. The food is made with below-average ingredients and is not well taken care of. Even so, the average cost per person is approximately $16. With the recent improvement of the Vancouver food scene, we have a lot of better options than here. I would probably only come here with friends who I have known for more than 15 years for old time’s sake.

No. 1 Beef Noodle House Taiwanese Cuisine in Burnaby

We arrived at No1 Beef Noodle House and realized their new menu looks very similar to Myst Asian Fusion on Kingsway. Then I found out the owners of these two restaurants are brothers. I am very troubled by how they added the Northern Chinese dumplings and cold flat noodles on their menu. Seriously, what is Northern Chinese food items doing in an authentic Taiwanese restaurant’s menu? I’m not sure if this is the first step of No1 Beef Noodle House turning into a do-it-all Taiwanese Cafe. In terms of food, the items we ordered still has good Taiwanese flavour. The mini lamb hotpot still tastes as good as before. I hope they continue to strive in the things they are good at, and not sway too far from their origin.

Sushi Bang Cantonese styled Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bang is operated by Cantonese. The food served here lack integrity from real Japanese food. Average-grade ingredients created average food. Their relocation caused the increased price, but the increase in food quality is almost non-existent. This type of Cantopanese restaurant is not for me but may cater to some people. I have no problem paying the default 15% tips because the service is not that bad. However, it should’ve been given, not requested. I don’t recommend it because I cannot justify a $15 un-authentic Japanese bento box.

Saboten Aberdeen, Tonkatsu in Richmond

Saboten is the biggest tonkatzu franchise in Japan. Unfortunately not a lot of us have heard about them. Because of that, I am considering Saboten a hidden gem in Richmond. Hiring Cantonese to take the order result in loss of true Japanese franchise experience. It’s such a shame that this action gave customer a false first impression that the food may not taste authentic. The $11.50 price point makes them much more affordable than Saku. I have no problem recommending Saboten for anyone who visits Aberdeen food court.

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