Heritage Asian Eatery Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Yes, I agree paying $20 for a plate of Cantonese is expensive. We also know that serving traditional Cantonese comfort food that should’ve been available to everyone at a premium price is going to be met with a lot of resistance. Does that mean this type of dish does not deserve to be made with high-quality ingredients and strong culinary skills? I think the opposite. Cantonese comfort food is an old tradition that should be celebrated. They deserve to be announced to the world as much as Italian or any other cuisines.

Meat & Bread Artisanal Sandwich Shop in Vancouver

Meat & Bread serve very well crafted sandwiches. They are focused on sandwiches and do this niche very well. This place is perfect to grab a high quality quick bite. The credit card machine defaults to a 15% tips and I think it’s worth it because they have a staff going around collecting the plates. I like the simple whole-number price tag. Everything in this store spells out simplicity for me. I enjoy the no-fuss environment.

SHiOK! Singaporian eatery

Most establishments using words relating to “Delicious” in their names have been grilled quite harshly by us. SHiOK! is definitely an exception. The entire eatery is congruent in providing a Singaporean atmosphere. This is a very popular style in Singapore. They also provide an authentic taste at an extremely affordable price. I haven’t seen any main course at $10/dish for a while. Our bill costs $20 per person after tax with everything we have ordered. If you want to try Singaporean food, Shiok is the place to start.

Le Marché St. George, a true Hidden Gem in Vancouver

This is the first time that I feel that my vocabulary is too narrow to describe an establishment. I don’t think this article did justice to this neighbourhood cafe grocery store. I simply cannot praise Le Marché St. George enough. This is what a restaurant with integrity and superior standard. They preserved tradition and created a safe haven in the neighbourhood. Parents would bring their young children here for Sunday outing. The children would know exactly what to do, shouting out what they want from the menu, and sitting down in their favorite spot to play. Coming here really made me wonder. Perhaps this is what we work so hard for. Le Marché St. George costs about $15 per person, and this is a place you owe it to yourself to try.

Marulilu Cafe, Japanese Cafe Diner in Vancouver

I think the waffles are really worth it. The exterior is slightly charred to give it a crispy texture. Of course, the interior is very fluffy. It comes with unflavoured whipped cream and one with chocolate flavour. Eating the waffle with the whipped cream and syrup is heavenly.

The Gray Olive Cafeteria, Best Brunch Burnaby

This plate of beautifully presented pulled pork benny is plate-licking good. Everything on this dish is delightful. The hash brown is the best I have ever had. It’s fresh out of the fryer. The crunchy exterior that is not too hard to cut my mouth. The interior is so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. It is also perfectly seasoned. I already said the hashbrowns are the best I’ve had, but this pulled pork benny is also the best I’ve had. Seriously, I took a bite and can not stop myself from eating it. The pulled pork, coleslaw, and hollandaise sauce are in perfect harmony. Using cornbread as the base is genius. The cornbread crumbles to the touch, not lingering like English muffins. This takes away the frustrating part of eating benny away for me. The bottom is brown with a slight crisp. The texture variation makes this more enjoyable. The two eggs on top are perfectly poached.

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