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JoDeen Cafe Taiwanese Wheel Cake Dessert with Bubble Tea

Even though the store was chaotic when we arrived JoDeen Cafe on the 3rd day of their soft opening, the food and drinks were very tasty. Wheel Cake was not only filled with toppings that squeeze out from the side with every bite, but also with a crispy shell that remained crispy after my 10 minutes drive home. The drinks quality also speaks for itself. At the time this article is written, the customer service needs the most attention. Ice level customization should be standard in 2021. Dessert and drinks should be served within 30 minutes. I’m hopeful that JoDeen can figure these details out in due time. By then, I can honestly recommend this cafe on all aspects.

L’atelier Patisserie, Desserts Cakes and Croissants

L’atelier Patisserie serves very refined baked products. The pastry chef here has the boldness to combine ingredients to create new and interesting flavours. They have also demonstrated their techniques that are evident in the simple croissants, which is made with 10% ingredients and 90% skills. In case of anyone wondering, this place is also one of the rare places where the price still looks reasonable. L’atelier Patisserie is now my go-to place when I feel like taking a short trip to France.

Mon Paris Patisserie

We were excited to try Mon Paris Patisserie after 3 years they have been open. The store is beautifully setup with display that just works. We really enjoyed the croissant, but think the cake can use some work. Next time we will come for the bonbons, macaron and Chocolate double baked with hazelnuts croissant. Mon Paris Patisserie is fairly priced. Even though I think the cake needs improvement, I’m sure there are customers who find the cake just perfect.

Nemesis coffee downtown brunch

Nemesis Coffee was worth the trip. The two-page menu looks simple, but the flavour of toppings really compliment each other. I heard their brekky sando and french toast are really well made, and that is what I am going to order next time. The cost of $14 per person including drinks is not that expensive either. Nemesis Coffee is one of the best brunch places in town, and I encourage everyone to go and enjoy a lazy weekend morning.

Gastown’s bakery has the most variety of baked goods

Purebread has a very solid presentation. Everything looked very good and was tightly placed together. I have not walked into a bakery that I was unable to make my decisions like in Purebread. The baked goods were made early in the morning, so some of the items may be a bit stale. I would recommend re-heating with a small convection oven at home before enjoying them.

My Frosty, Korean Dessert Cafe

My Frosty’s bingsoo has very high quality in terms of flavour and insulation of the shaved ice. A lot of the other bingsoo I have tried elsewhere have the ice melting as soon as it’s made. My Frosty’s shaved ice retained its form. It took me 12 minutes to finish my bingsoo, and the shaved ice remained reasonable flakiness until the end. A large bingsoo cost $14, and I would recommend this to everyone. Just make sure you don’t come here when they’re busy.

Maiko Japanese Matcha Café in Richmond

I was very excited to see another premium matcha themed Japanese dessert franchise opening up in metro Vancouver. The quality and pricing are both standing in the mid range of the parfait places we have tried. Loopy soft-served ice cream is a sign of poor quality for me. Poorly layered parfait and filler toppings also forced them down the ranking ladder. The parfait here is $13.50 after tax, which is on part to Tsujiri’s $14 parfait with much higher quality topping. The parfait here is still a good dessert. It’s just not worth it when compared with other Japanese matcha dessert locations.

Le Marché St. George, a true Hidden Gem in Vancouver

This is the first time that I feel that my vocabulary is too narrow to describe an establishment. I don’t think this article did justice to this neighbourhood cafe grocery store. I simply cannot praise Le Marché St. George enough. This is what a restaurant with integrity and superior standard. They preserved tradition and created a safe haven in the neighbourhood. Parents would bring their young children here for Sunday outing. The children would know exactly what to do, shouting out what they want from the menu, and sitting down in their favorite spot to play. Coming here really made me wonder. Perhaps this is what we work so hard for. Le Marché St. George costs about $15 per person, and this is a place you owe it to yourself to try.

Marulilu Cafe, Japanese Cafe Diner in Vancouver

I think the waffles are really worth it. The exterior is slightly charred to give it a crispy texture. Of course, the interior is very fluffy. It comes with unflavoured whipped cream and one with chocolate flavour. Eating the waffle with the whipped cream and syrup is heavenly.

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