Gotcha (高茶), Soft European Bread

Soft European buns is derived from European buns such as sourdough or French baguette. It uses levain as natural yeast for the rise, but altered to be softer to fit Asian palate. Although its name has the word “European” in it, this type of bread is actually not European. It was invented by Japanese, adopted by Taiwanese, and recently glorified by Chinese. Gotcha has picked niche market and a good target audience base. I think the bread has good texture, but not as moist as the bread I am used to. Their continual sold-out merchandise seem to suggest that there’s definitely a market for soft European bread.

Minus Cake Boutique

Minus Cake Boutique makes really good cakes and drinks. Having a cake on top of the drink is a new concept we have not seen before. The combo makes cakes and drink cheaper by $0.50, but it is still very expensive. We would really recommend Minus Cake Boutique, but it is more of a place for special occasion rather than our default go-to cake shop.

eF & Be Bakehouse, authentic Japanese online bakery

Japanese call their buns “pans”. All of the items we got are not overly sweet and have a balanced flavour. I think the price is a little more expensive than most bakeries, but the quality of the baked goods really speaks for itself. We would advise anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a try. The soft and chewy texture of the buns is what good buns should taste like.

Michi Craft Kitchen

Michi Craft Kitchen’s Taiwanese restaurant is an above-average approach to both the cost and quality of food. The price is up there, but the food quality is playing catch-up. While the spicy Michi was pleasantly seasoned, there is nothing special about the chicken wing and sticky rice. Having to spend the effort on de-boning the chicken wings and stuffing sticky rice in them and charge customers $7 per chicken wing makes me wonder how they stay in business for over a year. Both of the rice dishes we have ordered have good taste. However, we would appreciate a more honest approach to rice/sauce proportion.

toptable2u high-end restaurants delivery for your COVID-19 dine-in

We had a very good overall experience with TopTabl2U. Regardless of the heavy slash in price, the execution from ordering, delivery, and cooking instructions are all very simple and professionally done. Our delivery person was polite and punctual. He called me 5 minutes before arrival so I know what to expect. There was no unpleasant surprise and I assume this small detail reduces the potential delay for each of his delivery. The pre-processed ingredients are tasty and eliminated much of the time for cooking, which gives me confident and make my cooking experience quite pleasant. We would recommend TopTable2U to anyone who is unable to go to restaurants due to either COVID-19 or having young children at home.

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

The medium pizza at Uncle Fatih’s is $17 each. With tax, tips, and delivery fee it is approximately $24 per pizza. This price is more expensive than authentic pizzeria. This is when I realize delivery pizza are not cheap eats. Looking at delivery pizza alone, Uncle Fatih’s Pizza’s price is at mid-range. The pizza quality is at above average. This makes them worth our recommendation. We ordered the thin crust pizza. It is soft and fluffy. The bottom and the outside crust was crunchy. It is not bouncy, and is easy on the jaw. This is like factory made bread, not artisan. However, this is New York style pizza. We should not compare the style with Neapolitan pizza. Comparing to other similar delivery pizza. Uncle Fatih’s pizza crust is not as oily as Pizza Hut. It is also not as dry as Domino. It’s more airy than Papa John’s. Overall, Uncle Fatih’s Pizza crust is quite superior overall.

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