Fast Food

Mean Poutine Vancouver Downtown

Mean Poutine is not a fancy joint but they got the essentials of a good poutine down. They serve large portioned poutine with an affordable price of $8. I wish I had ordered the basic poutine instead of the Mean Supreme which has too much toppings. That way I could really know how much fresh cheese curds they put in each order. Perhaps that is something I will find out on my next visit.

Basil Box Franchise Healthy South East Asian Fast Food

The food at Basil Box is tasty, but the flavour profile was a little bland for people who are used to higher sodium Asian food with a punch. I like how simple it is to order with no item on the menu that would cost you extra. Even a first-timer like me can have a pleasant ordering experience with a little help from the server. For $11.95 a box, it is a little expensive with the small portion. However, Basil Box is a healthy South Eastern Asian food alternative so it is really up to the individual’s opinion whether they are worth it.

Hot and Juicy Chicken in the Downlow

This is the first time I am trying Nashville hot chicken. These two flavor-packed deep-fried boneless chicken legs are the best I have had in Vancouver, and I’m not being exaggerated. The exterior is crunchy and crispy, but they crumble to my bite without hurting my gums. Even when wet, the batter remained its texture because it was served right after seasoning. The vibrant red coating looks sinister and knowing I would be soon breathing hell-fire made my mouth water.

Fatburger American fast-food restaurant franchise in Vancouver

My burger was tightly wrapped in paper which caused the un-wrapped portion to open up and look extremely hard to bite. The beef felt weighty and was very satisfying to bite into. Onion and pickle provided the crispy texture. I really enjoyed this burger, but with a little bit of guilt as I see oil dripping off the wrapping. The entire burger held together quite nicely. Not much mess was made from inhaling this burger.

Donair Spot Lebanese Restaurant in Vancouver

My platter came with salad, hummus as sides and Basmati rice below the meat. It is served in a styrofoam container. I grabbed a spoon and a fork, then onto enjoying my lunch. The salad was simple lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. They are crispy and refreshing, I can taste how fresh it is. The lamb was very thinly sliced. They are very tender and juicy with lots of flavour. The juice flows into the Basmati rice to make them moist. Of course, the mouthwatering sauce on top also contributed to that. I find the chicken a little dry with a hard crust. I think it worked pretty well to have two types of meat. It provided alternative texture, but I probably wouldn’t order the chicken again. The lamb worked much better for me.

Pokérrito Poke Bowl

Pokérrito is an acceptable poke restaurant. Think of it as an Asian fast food restaurant. The counter has the staff side and the customer side. Trading money for a bowl of poke is your only interaction. After the trade, you can either take your food to go or enjoy it at the space provided. The dining area seating is limited and modernly uninviting, so don’t stay here for too long. For $12.50, I got a bowl of poke that is high-average but not above average. I’d say it’s equivalent to A&W, so $9.50 – $12 for a combo should be fair. Not recommended if you enjoy no-stress ordering experience. I did not enjoy the ordering ritual at Pokérrito. I noticed most of the Poké places operated by Korean will limit the number of sides you can ask for with your bowl. Pokérrito limits the number of side dish to 2. They also institute extra cost for certain popular sides such as avocado. This was my first time at Pokérrito so I only noticed the extra cost item when I picked them. When the server asked me “this cost 50 cents extra, is that okay?” What was I supposed to say? It is understandable to charge extra for wild salmon, but these petty charges on the sides just feel a cheap shot. I agreed on the extra charge and left paid with a bad aftertaste in my mouth. It would be appreciated if I can have a more relaxing ordering experience.

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