Food Court

Old Xian’s Food (老西安厨娘子) in Crystal Mall

I have not tried other Old Xian’s Food location, but Old Xian’s Food’s Crystal Mall branch really should not be operating. Their food quality received a 1-star review because we don’t have the option to give 0 star. The noodle has poor texture, mediocre taste, and they skimp out on the meat. On the other hand, the rougamo is just so bad that it should not even exist. You can really see the minimal care they put into their food. We have nothing against this restaurant chain, but the poor quality of the food served at their Crystal mall location is simply unbelievable. We do not recommend Old Xian’s Food.

DaWanGong 大碗公 Taiwanese Food Stand in Crystal Mall

A bento box packed with goodies that cost less than $10 seems like something of the last decade. Most importantly, we can taste the authenticity of Taiwanese flavour in their food. The intensity of flavour becomes a personal preference. If you like either a cheap eat, or authentic Taiwanese cuisine, DaWanGong is 2020’s newest food stand you cannot miss.

The only bubble tea franchise inside Oakridge Food Court in 2019

I guess there are advantages of being an establishment with no similar stores nearby. That must be how Presotea was able to survive thus far. This tea station failed in all aspects of our review except for the service. I have not seen any bubble tea franchise do this bad. Customers paying for $7.04 per cup definitely deserve better. They can improve on either larger-sized drinks, cheaper price, more balanced flavour, or higher quality topping. Even if they only pick 2 items to improve, Presotea’s drink would be acceptable. For now, I cannot recommend them.

Saboten Aberdeen, Tonkatsu in Richmond

Saboten is the biggest tonkatzu franchise in Japan. Unfortunately not a lot of us have heard about them. Because of that, I am considering Saboten a hidden gem in Richmond. Hiring Cantonese to take the order result in loss of true Japanese franchise experience. It’s such a shame that this action gave customer a false first impression that the food may not taste authentic. The $11.50 price point makes them much more affordable than Saku. I have no problem recommending Saboten for anyone who visits Aberdeen food court.

Choo Tea trendy Chinese bubble tea franchise with questionable google review

Choo Tea offers specialty drinks at a premium price. When they didn’t want to charge more to go above the norm, they reduced the quantity in drinks. I don’t find their drinks refreshing. It feels more like a dessert that requires another drink on the side. The poor service and careless staff show Choo Tea lacks integrity. Worst of all, I do not appreciate their manipulating social media reviews.

The highest-ranking Taiwanese food in Richmond

To be honest, Potelicious’ food tastes mediocre because more than half of the items I’ve ordered lacks flavour. Their spicy sauce are tasty. Most customers probably use condiments to make up for the taste. The sausages are and chicken are tasty and I enjoyed the stinky tofu’s texture. I can understand their popularity based on their low price and large portion. You really can’t get the same food quality elsewhere for the same amount of money you’re paying here. We recommend Potelicious for people who can eat a lot, but don’t have unrealistic high expectation for the taste.

Chef Liu Kitchen Taiwanese beef noodle in Richmond

Chef Liu Kitchen is a nice little stand in the food court. The cost of their food at $13 per person is considered average in 2019. They have certainly got the taste aspect down, but the food lack the finer details. This restaurant is perfect for customers not in pursue for superb food. Everything here is good, but not extraordinary. It’s “good enough” if you’re not picky.

Peanut’s Bubble Tea, Cheap and Classic bubble tea in Richmond

Peanut’s Bubble Tea holds a lot of history and memories for many. Emotions asides and focusing on the assessment point of view, this bubble tea stand provides lots of value. True that my passion fruit green tea was made of syrup, but the $3.25 with pearl drink is still unbeatable. Getting the flavour just right without modification is another feat where many others fail. When one cup of bubble tea elsewhere can buy you two cups of drinks at Peanut’s, I have to recommend it.

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