Yum Bunnys Taiwanese restaurant that just doesn’t cut it

Yum Bunnys is a franchise that started in Taiwan. It is also the first Taiwanese restaurant in Metro Vancouver that specializes in yam puffs. I don’t know what happened, but they really need to work on how they prepare of their food. It would be nice if they can own up to their mistakes and take care of their customer first, but to be honest, they have bigger issues to deal with. The food that’s being served by a franchise store should taste consistent. I am quite disappointed by Bunnys, and cannot recommend this to anyone.

Truedan (JenJuDan) Bubble Tea

Truedan is a bubble tea shop, and to call themselves the master of brown sugar drinks is an overstatement. We go to Truedan for the 0.85cm bite-size bubble that they are proud of. These bubbles’ selling point is the sweetness throughout, but I find them a little monotonous. The overpowering sweetness makes me thirsty after each sip, and I find the taste quite boring after the 3rd sip. It is fortunate that the store is flexible on the sweetness level because the normal sweetness is just too much. At $6.50 per cup, we do not recommend Truedan.

CHUN FUN HOW Vancouver (春芳號)

Chun Fun How is a very new tea house just opened in May 2020. They gave us such a wonderful experience similar, but different from the ones we got from Hanlin Tea House. From the beautiful cup, the flavour, and the texture of pearls, every aspect of the store are carefully crafted. This is a tea house with integrity, and we cannot recommend it enough.

Song Tea Bubble Tea Franchise in Richmond

Song Tea did not meet my expectations. I assumed the popularity was gained through the quality of products, while in fact, it’s just a trendy brand using cleverly named drinks to attract young people. Being a drink for $5.25, customers would definitely be expecting fresh milk and perhaps asking if small pearls are okay with the customer. For what it’s worth, Song Tea failed in all aspects of our reviews. None of the atmosphere, service, food quality and the cost are worth the visit. I assume this place will soon go out of business.

Hanlin Tea House Franchise Afternoon Tea

Hanlin Tea House serves very good and refreshing bubble tea. It is such a pleasant surprise that they also serve high-quality afternoon tea desserts. Paying $20 for a plate of 6 bite-size snacks is a little expensive, but you get to try most of what Hanlin Tea House has to offer. If you share this order with another person and order a drink, the $15 per person visit to Hanlin Tea House is actually quite reasonable.

Shiny Tea at Aberdeen Square

Shiny Tea’s quality is comparable to Hanlin Tea House, if not identical. The lower cost for the same tea comes without the wonderful interior decor Hanlin Tea House has. The price tag of $5.49 is cheaper than Hanlin, which makes Shiny Tea the perfect tea station for a quick grab and go.

Boiling Point Personal Hot Pot Franchise in Burnaby

To be honest, I don’t know why Boiling Point has such a long line up. Sometimes, I just feel like going there especially when the weather gets cold. This establishment really gives me the feeling that they treat everything like an assembly line. The soup has lots of taste, and that’s what Boiling Point is good at, but it’s obvious they come from artificial flavouring. There is evidence showing the ingredients are not fresh, and everything is overcooked except the raw egg in the pot. Every hot pot is so packed with ingredients that there’s no room for things to cook properly, so the gel fueled flame’s only purpose is to keep things warm. That being said, I guess what attracts customers the most is their competitive price as a hot pot. If you want to get a hot pot for less than $20, your options are probably limited to Boiling Point, and food court hot pot.

Yunshang Rice Noodle House at Crystal Mall

Yunshang Rice Noodle serves most of its main course in hot clay pot. It’s a warm comfort food alternative to hot pot in this cold weather. The food doesn’t taste that special. Our visit cost us about approximately $19 per person. For the same price, there are better rice noodle options.

Coco fresh tea and juice franchise on Kingsway

Most of the large tea in Coco is in the range of $5 to $6. My 3 guys cost $6.40 because of the toppings. Coco’s large size drink uses the long and narrow deceiving cup. It is because of this, I prefer Chatime over Coco. All prejudice aside, Coco’s drink has a good flavour. They are not aiming to be the top of the line bubble tea place, but they are the good enough tea shop when it’s convenient to you.

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