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L’atelier Patisserie, Desserts Cakes and Croissants

L’atelier Patisserie serves very refined baked products. The pastry chef here has the boldness to combine ingredients to create new and interesting flavours. They have also demonstrated their techniques that are evident in the simple croissants, which is made with 10% ingredients and 90% skills. In case of anyone wondering, this place is also one of the rare places where the price still looks reasonable. L’atelier Patisserie is now my go-to place when I feel like taking a short trip to France.

Angelina’s Dutch Corner

Pannekoek are like pancakes without leavening agents. Their texture is similar to French crepes without the crispiness. We don’t typically go for Dutch-style brunch but Angelina’s Dutch Corner definitely gave us a positive experience. It is a little expensive close to $20 per person with drink, but the large portion definitely make up for the expense. For my savory pannekoek, the hollandaise sauce did a lot of heavy lifting to keep things interesting.

Hot and Juicy Chicken in the Downlow

This is the first time I am trying Nashville hot chicken. These two flavor-packed deep-fried boneless chicken legs are the best I have had in Vancouver, and I’m not being exaggerated. The exterior is crunchy and crispy, but they crumble to my bite without hurting my gums. Even when wet, the batter remained its texture because it was served right after seasoning. The vibrant red coating looks sinister and knowing I would be soon breathing hell-fire made my mouth water.

Fatburger American fast-food restaurant franchise in Vancouver

My burger was tightly wrapped in paper which caused the un-wrapped portion to open up and look extremely hard to bite. The beef felt weighty and was very satisfying to bite into. Onion and pickle provided the crispy texture. I really enjoyed this burger, but with a little bit of guilt as I see oil dripping off the wrapping. The entire burger held together quite nicely. Not much mess was made from inhaling this burger.

Le Marché St. George, a true Hidden Gem in Vancouver

This is the first time that I feel that my vocabulary is too narrow to describe an establishment. I don’t think this article did justice to this neighbourhood cafe grocery store. I simply cannot praise Le Marché St. George enough. This is what a restaurant with integrity and superior standard. They preserved tradition and created a safe haven in the neighbourhood. Parents would bring their young children here for Sunday outing. The children would know exactly what to do, shouting out what they want from the menu, and sitting down in their favorite spot to play. Coming here really made me wonder. Perhaps this is what we work so hard for. Le Marché St. George costs about $15 per person, and this is a place you owe it to yourself to try.

Chang ‘An Restaurant, Best Chinese fine dining in Vancouver

Chang An Restaurant is also called Taste of Chang ‘An. Since Chang ‘An used to be the capital of 13 dynasties, the food from there can represent China the most. They are also one of the most expensive Chinese food around Vancouver. Even though they are considered fine dining by cost. Their portion is quite large. You can make sure you’ll go home with a full stomach. Unfortunately, the cost is close to $90 per person. I understand this price point is not for everyone. If you have important guest to entertain, Chang ‘An Restaurant will not disappoint.

Rogue Kitchen & Wetbar

The meat was ground sirloin meat that is cooked to be slight pink on the inside and it is quite juicy. There were literally meat juice flowing down the side of the burger as I eat. The smoked bacon was sturdy, but could be a bit more crispy. I’m not a big fan of lettuce, tomato and pickles in my burger, but they do make the burger more interesting to eat.

Martini’s Restaurant

Martini’s is a bar-restaurant. They have been around for a long time. To be honest, this was my first visit. I was a little shocked at their operation. The food is definitely above average bar-restaurant. The drinks selection is not as wide as most craft beer places. However, they are solid on the price, service, and atmosphere. It is no coincident that Martini’s is still one of people’s go-to bar. Definitely recommended, especially on Wednesdays.

The Lookout Restaurant at Gray Monk Estate Winery

I consider the Lookout Restaurant as fine dining. Therefore I am a little more strict on the performance. Looking at the restaurant closely, everything they do is in unison. From courteous service to delectable food, everything I have experienced have been tastefully designed. Adding the astonishing view to that makes the Lookout Restaurant at Gray Monk one of the best restaurants. Everyone should at least try it once in their life time.

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