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Taiwan Eatery, Specialty chicken made by Cantonese

Is Taiwan Eatery a Taiwanese restaurant? Definitely not. But is it a restaurant that provides cheap good food? I think so. The best advice we can give the owner of Taiwan Eatery is that they should be more confident. Taiwan Eatery has great food, beautiful decor, and excellent service so they can definitely start their own Cantonese thing instead of labeling themselves with Taiwan. Even though the food tastes absolutely amazing, we cannot give a full 5-star review due to non-authentic Taiwanese food with the restuarant name like Taiwan Eatery.

iDen & Quan Ju De Beijing Duck House (全聚德)

Judging by the items on the menu and the price point of $60 per person, Quan Ju De placed themselves at the fine dining establishment tier of restaurants. I believe the owner has focused too much on the decor, and missed some of the fundamental elements of a fine-dining restaurant. Peking duck is a classic dish. You can improve the recipe or make it fusion, but you cannot charge a premium while skipping steps on the process. Some of the food does taste good, but there are ones that are just mediocre. Please make sure that you do not get take out from Quan Ju De. The food quality drops exponentially, and you are paying for part of the $12 million dollar interior decor anyways. We cannot honestly recommend this restaurant. There are better fine dining options in Vancouver, and many have better tasting food, better service, and breathtaking views.

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Dynasty Seafood Restaurant may not look like much from the exterior and that’s because they have focused their location on the Northside of the building to give customers that Northshore views through downtown. The food is between average to above average, not top-notch. I like how the servers seem to take every customer seriously even when they are busy. If you go with a medium-sized group who are cost-conscious, you can typically control the spending to about $13-$15 per person. Otherwise, this place costs typically around $20 per person. I think Dynasty Seafood Restaurant is just average, but it seems to be the best choice for a dim sum lunch around the area.

Chicken Winner Spicy Chicken Franchise in Richmond

It’s a shame Chicken Winner’s signature dish is such a trouble to enjoy. You need to have either extremely high tolerance to spicy food or superhuman patience so you don’t accidentally ingest sharp chicken bones. The 3 of us came here and ordered 4 dishes which came to $30 per person. This price is more than fair for the quality of food and the exciting varieties of spiciness. We would definitely recommend it as long as you don’t order the Stir Fry Diced Chicken With Chili and Pepper signature dish.

Kowloon Chinese Restaurant Mala Dry Pot in Crystal Mall

If I was writing a review for Kowloon Chinese Restaurant a year ago, they would have been rated near-perfect. Ever since their reopening, I find a decline in taste and food quality. The storeowner’s connection to the local students is still there. It is heart-warming seeing many international students away from home having someone to talk to, so I think Kowloon is doing something right. It is worth mentioning that the store owner is very nice and generous to allow customers to bring outside drinks to enjoy with their mala dry pot. Our visit cost us $30 per person, and that is not cheap. I really hope they can pick their flavour mojo back up.

Grand Chinese Restaurant Ambitious Name but Disappointing Food

The menu here is like a patchwork with no focus. This tells me they can make everything, but does not excel in anything. It’s kind of like an upgraded version of a Cantonese Cafe. They serve Southern Chinese cuisine like Szechuan food that is not spicy and Shanghai food that is not delicate. They also serve Northern Chinese cuisine like pancakes and noodles that I did not dare to try. The price of $26 per person is simply too high for the poor quality of food.

Sooda Korean BBQ in Burnaby

Sooda Korean BBQ serves traditional Korean food alongside the newer type of Korean food. Their special hot plate dish can be enjoyed individually or mixed. the $20 per person price point isn’t too expensive compared to other similar Korean food restaurants. They have plenty of parking and the location is close to the Brentwood Skytrain station. If you don’t want to drive all the way to Coquitlam to enjoy good Korean food, Sooda Korean BBQ can be a good option for you.

Pot House on West 41st

41 noodle & rice pot house is a no-frill Cantonese restaurant. Where they lack with non-glamorous decor, cheap tableware, and broken cups are picked up by authenticity, food quality and value. I had a very frustrating dining experience picking out sharp shattered chicken bones from the hardened charred rice, but the food was still very tasty. I would recommend this restaurant. Just don’t get the chicken.

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