Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery

We have been waiting for Krause Berry Farm to open, and they did not disappoint. The U-Pick strawberries are just ripe and sweet that the store-bought ones simply cannot compare. Waffles are simple but legendary, even though the lineup was a bit long. It is the perfect place to spend your weekend with the family. Remember to check on Krause Berry Farm’s Facebook page if you plan to come here for U-Pick.

The Lookout Restaurant at Gray Monk Estate Winery

I consider the Lookout Restaurant as fine dining. Therefore I am a little more strict on the performance. Looking at the restaurant closely, everything they do is in unison. From courteous service to delectable food, everything I have experienced have been tastefully designed. Adding the astonishing view to that makes the Lookout Restaurant at Gray Monk one of the best restaurants. Everyone should at least try it once in their life time.

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