Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery

We have been waiting for Krause Berry Farm to open, and they did not disappoint. The U-Pick strawberries are just ripe and sweet that the store-bought ones simply cannot compare. Waffles are simple but legendary, even though the lineup was a bit long. It is the perfect place to spend your weekend with the family. Remember to check on Krause Berry Farm’s Facebook page if you plan to come here for U-Pick.

Mean Poutine Vancouver Downtown

Mean Poutine is not a fancy joint but they got the essentials of a good poutine down. They serve large portioned poutine with an affordable price of $8. I wish I had ordered the basic poutine instead of the Mean Supreme which has too much toppings. That way I could really know how much fresh cheese curds they put in each order. Perhaps that is something I will find out on my next visit.

Vancouver Croissant, How to get fresh-baked croissants at home

Vancouver Croissant’s ready-to-bake croissants are locally owned and use natural ingredients. Each box costs $15 for 6 croissants. This is very affordable compared to some of the other croissants that can be delivered to your home. I have personally seen others charging $40 for 6 croissants. These cheese croissants are very tasty and convenient. I can make 1 batch and my breakfast for the next 3 days is well taken care of.

Delissio Crispy Pan Pizza

I feel like the thickness of the pan pizza mainly contributes to the fluffiness of the base, rather than filling me up. Perhaps the amount of ingredient is the same, and being fermented longer is the only difference between the deep pan pizza and normal ones. Maybe, the purpose of the pan is just to hold the airy dough to its shape. The Delissio’s Crispy Pan Pizza is quite enjoyable, however, the $7.99 price point is a bit too much for what we are getting in the box.

toptable2u high-end restaurants delivery for your COVID-19 dine-in

We had a very good overall experience with TopTabl2U. Regardless of the heavy slash in price, the execution from ordering, delivery, and cooking instructions are all very simple and professionally done. Our delivery person was polite and punctual. He called me 5 minutes before arrival so I know what to expect. There was no unpleasant surprise and I assume this small detail reduces the potential delay for each of his delivery. The pre-processed ingredients are tasty and eliminated much of the time for cooking, which gives me confident and make my cooking experience quite pleasant. We would recommend TopTable2U to anyone who is unable to go to restaurants due to either COVID-19 or having young children at home.

Yolks on Broadway

I like how yolk’s food tastes. Everything seems to be made to be very high quality in all aspects. It’s really a restaurant that excites your palate for tastes you never knew existed. The downside for Yolks is its above-average price. You are looking at about $25 per person if you come here. Despite the high price, I think everyone should give Yolks a try at least once.

Assembli Custom-Made Salad and Pizza

I think $14 per pizza is a fair price to charge because of the space required for customizing pizza. The authentic pizza places are more expensive, but they also have a better topping selection, so we cannot compare Assembli to them. If we compare all the big name franchises like Pizza Hut, Fresh Slice, and Domino, etc, Assembli is more expensive, but also has more of an artisan feel to it.

Nemesis coffee downtown brunch

Nemesis Coffee was worth the trip. The two-page menu looks simple, but the flavour of toppings really compliment each other. I heard their brekky sando and french toast are really well made, and that is what I am going to order next time. The cost of $14 per person including drinks is not that expensive either. Nemesis Coffee is one of the best brunch places in town, and I encourage everyone to go and enjoy a lazy weekend morning.

Meat & Bread Artisanal Sandwich Shop in Vancouver

Meat & Bread serve very well crafted sandwiches. They are focused on sandwiches and do this niche very well. This place is perfect to grab a high quality quick bite. The credit card machine defaults to a 15% tips and I think it’s worth it because they have a staff going around collecting the plates. I like the simple whole-number price tag. Everything in this store spells out simplicity for me. I enjoy the no-fuss environment.

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