Teapressu Bubble Tea

the store is using these ingredients with care to create high-quality tea. We have been going to their food truck for many years and their tea quality hasn’t declined at all. The price point is fair, especially in today’s cost standard. They have a few kinks to work out, but Teapressu is a bubble tea store that we highly recommend.

Sushi Bang Cantonese styled Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bang is operated by Cantonese. The food served here lack integrity from real Japanese food. Average-grade ingredients created average food. Their relocation caused the increased price, but the increase in food quality is almost non-existent. This type of Cantopanese restaurant is not for me but may cater to some people. I have no problem paying the default 15% tips because the service is not that bad. However, it should’ve been given, not requested. I don’t recommend it because I cannot justify a $15 un-authentic Japanese bento box.

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