Mr Japanese Curry

Mr. Japanese Curry recently opened their door. There are always line up in front of their door. There are 2 guys working the kitchen and counter. They are friendly and knowledgeable of their product. Their slogan is “Curry for All!!”, and it can be witnessed in the versatility of their menu. That being said, Mr. Japanese Curry really delivers a comfortable hearty meal with high quality ingredients that doesn’t break your wallet.

eF & Be Bakehouse, authentic Japanese online bakery

Japanese call their buns “pans”. All of the items we got are not overly sweet and have a balanced flavour. I think the price is a little more expensive than most bakeries, but the quality of the baked goods really speaks for itself. We would advise anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a try. The soft and chewy texture of the buns is what good buns should taste like.

Benkei Ramen on West Broadway Vancouver

Benkei Ramen is a seasoned ramen joint that’s been around for a while. Their price went up a little but remained in the same range throughout the years. That is why it is still a ramen place a lot of people default to. I personally think their ramen is too soft and feels a little overcooked. Their special dish is the curry ramen, with the soup similar to the miso ramen that is too thick to drink. Benkei Ramen is an okay ramen joint with a very competitive price of $13 per person. Because of that, there’s always going to be customers willing to come here instead of Raman Santouka across the street.

Ramen Gaoh in North Burnaby

Ramen Gaoh created lots of hype when they first opened. We came to see if we can withstand the spiciest ramen in Vancouver but left with disappointment. The food quality is not bad, but they can be more careful when cooking. I like both the exterior and interior decoration. The dining area has a good atmosphere. Since Ramen Gaoh is opened by the group that opened Ramen Gojiro, Menya Kouji Group, I was expecting a little more for $20 per person.

Sushi Bang Cantonese styled Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bang is operated by Cantonese. The food served here lack integrity from real Japanese food. Average-grade ingredients created average food. Their relocation caused the increased price, but the increase in food quality is almost non-existent. This type of Cantopanese restaurant is not for me but may cater to some people. I have no problem paying the default 15% tips because the service is not that bad. However, it should’ve been given, not requested. I don’t recommend it because I cannot justify a $15 un-authentic Japanese bento box.

Saboten Aberdeen, Tonkatsu in Richmond

Saboten is the biggest tonkatzu franchise in Japan. Unfortunately not a lot of us have heard about them. Because of that, I am considering Saboten a hidden gem in Richmond. Hiring Cantonese to take the order result in loss of true Japanese franchise experience. It’s such a shame that this action gave customer a false first impression that the food may not taste authentic. The $11.50 price point makes them much more affordable than Saku. I have no problem recommending Saboten for anyone who visits Aberdeen food court.

Best Japanese Individual Hot Pot in Vancouver

Nabebugyo Hot Pot Cuisine focuses on an individual hot pot experience similar to the ones in Japan. Business strategy or not, I admire them for taking an opposite approach to the tips culture. The 4 pieces of meat per meal are a little less, but I am not sure how many pieces of meat are fair to ask for a $14 meal. Ultimately, Nabebugyo Hot Pot serve different styles of hot pot and ramen that taste authentic. This is probably the only place where you can get to have a hot pot meal for less than $15 in Vancouver.

Kikyou Shingen Mochi Candy 桔梗信玄餅アイスバー

Yes, Kikyouya Shingen is popular in Japan, and the Kikyouya Shingen Mochi Popsicle tastes very good as well. However, the candy version did not live up to my expectations. The most essential part is the mochi, but the texture was ruined in exchange for shelf-life longevity. The package cost $2.99 for 16 candies, which is a convenient way for the taste of Kikyouya Shingen. That’s about the only value I see in these candies. I don’t really recommend them.

Tamaki Gold California Koshihikari Short Grain Rice

This bowl of rice looks very cute when served. It has consistent texture that is sticky but not too much. The rice grain were whole and unbroken even after stirring and scooping. Chewing on the rice gave me a satisfying feeling. It is moist without being soggy. The grains are sticky but each grain can be separated without much effort. It has good aroma, and the starch gave it a mild sweetness.

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