Long’s Noodle House best Xiao Long Bao in Vancouver

Long’s Noodle House is one of the iconic Shanghai cuisine restaurants in Vancouver. It has been considered the best place to go for Xiao Long Bao in Vancouver before the recent food scene bloom. I have tried many new restaurants that offers Xiao Long Bao in their menu, but many still fall short compared to the ones served at Long’s. The cost for $26 per person is a little high, but that is because we ordered quite a bit of food for 2 people. If you are even a little bit interested in Xiao Long Bao, you should give Long’s Noodle House a try.

ColorSeeSee Shanghainese Cuisine, Authentic Xiao Long Bao

How do we know these Xiao Long Bao are authentic. Here are some key points:
Xiao Long Bao was brought to you with a lid, to reduce heat loss.
Lid was removed and Xiao Long Bao was presented to Patrons. We see Xiao Long Bao in the foggy steam and go “There’s my food”.
Then you see the Xiao Long Bao stood up strong and tall. Pleasant to look at, with out being floppy at the bottom.
The location and spacing of Xiao Long Bao is also important. They should be uniformly scattered, not touching each other or the steamer.
An authentic Xiao Long Bao should have exactly 18 folds at its crown.

Shanghai Dimsum House (白玉蘭麵家), Tasty Xiao Long Bao

Pick up the Xiao Long Bao from the fold with a chopstick. It’s the most sturdy part of the skin, so it’s less likely to break. The rest of the skin is quite uniform and did not break when I lift it. Pay attention to the skin that’s touching the edge of the steamer, or another Xiao Long Bao. Be careful when separating them. No sudden movements

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