Hot Pot Master on Kingsway (正宗钢管厂五区小郡肝串串香) Authentic Skewers Hot Pot in Vancouver

Hot Pot Master comes from a long line of tradition from Sichuan. This Kingsway location is the first authentic location in Vancouver. I enjoyed the flavour and quality of food, as well as the easily controlled cost. One can just go to the cooler display to grab the skewers, and there is no minimum number you have to grab. This first location is not in the best neighborhood, but I look forward to seeing them thrive.

Chicken Winner Spicy Chicken Franchise in Richmond

It’s a shame Chicken Winner’s signature dish is such a trouble to enjoy. You need to have either extremely high tolerance to spicy food or superhuman patience so you don’t accidentally ingest sharp chicken bones. The 3 of us came here and ordered 4 dishes which came to $30 per person. This price is more than fair for the quality of food and the exciting varieties of spiciness. We would definitely recommend it as long as you don’t order the Stir Fry Diced Chicken With Chili and Pepper signature dish.

Grand Chinese Restaurant Ambitious Name but Disappointing Food

The menu here is like a patchwork with no focus. This tells me they can make everything, but does not excel in anything. It’s kind of like an upgraded version of a Cantonese Cafe. They serve Southern Chinese cuisine like Szechuan food that is not spicy and Shanghai food that is not delicate. They also serve Northern Chinese cuisine like pancakes and noodles that I did not dare to try. The price of $26 per person is simply too high for the poor quality of food.

Miss Fu In Chengdu Franchise New Sichuan tapas and skewers in Richmond

We are used to seeing most franchise coming from Asia to have long line up for the first few months. I have seen many of these franchise fail to retain customers after a year. However, I have really high hope for Miss Fu In Chengdu to continue their successful business. Their food is really delectable and well made. There are complex flavour underneath the spiciness so their spiciness are not monotonous. Their food has really high standard, comparable to the ones I have tried in Chengdu years ago. I highly recommend this place if you are up for spicy food, and I think they are going to be around for a while.

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