Basil Box Franchise Healthy South East Asian Fast Food

The food at Basil Box is tasty, but the flavour profile was a little bland for people who are used to higher sodium Asian food with a punch. I like how simple it is to order with no item on the menu that would cost you extra. Even a first-timer like me can have a pleasant ordering experience with a little help from the server. For $11.95 a box, it is a little expensive with the small portion. However, Basil Box is a healthy South Eastern Asian food alternative so it is really up to the individual’s opinion whether they are worth it.

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen, modified authentic Thai food in Vancouver

Overall, I think Kin Kot is an above-average Thai restaurant. It cost us $35 per person because each main course cost about $20. I like how they are serious about spicy food. They are also comfortable spicy, with no chemical taste. I was sweating like a waterfall by the end of it, but the burning sensation did not linger to cause any discomfort in my mouth. I would recommend Kin Kot, but wouldn’t’ come here often due to the high cost.

Thai Express, Best Shrimp Basil Fried Rice

The Basil Shrimp Fried Rice was very well done. Each grain of rice is separate. It has a lot of wok taste that even some of the full-on restaurants are not able to create. The eggs were from a squirt bottle but it did not affect the texture. There are also lots of shrimp. The saltiness is at a good level. If you don’t think it is spicy enough, there is a bottle of sriracha hot sauce that pairs perfectly with the fried rice.

The Gray Olive Cafeteria, Best Brunch Burnaby

This plate of beautifully presented pulled pork benny is plate-licking good. Everything on this dish is delightful. The hash brown is the best I have ever had. It’s fresh out of the fryer. The crunchy exterior that is not too hard to cut my mouth. The interior is so soft that it almost melts in your mouth. It is also perfectly seasoned. I already said the hashbrowns are the best I’ve had, but this pulled pork benny is also the best I’ve had. Seriously, I took a bite and can not stop myself from eating it. The pulled pork, coleslaw, and hollandaise sauce are in perfect harmony. Using cornbread as the base is genius. The cornbread crumbles to the touch, not lingering like English muffins. This takes away the frustrating part of eating benny away for me. The bottom is brown with a slight crisp. The texture variation makes this more enjoyable. The two eggs on top are perfectly poached.

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