Basil Box Franchise Healthy South East Asian Fast Food

The food at Basil Box is tasty, but the flavour profile was a little bland for people who are used to higher sodium Asian food with a punch. I like how simple it is to order with no item on the menu that would cost you extra. Even a first-timer like me can have a pleasant ordering experience with a little help from the server. For $11.95 a box, it is a little expensive with the small portion. However, Basil Box is a healthy South Eastern Asian food alternative so it is really up to the individual’s opinion whether they are worth it.

The Viet Noodle Guy

I was wrong about The Viet Noodle Guy. They are not a trendy Vietnamese restaurant. It’s just your typical pho restaurant in a new building that charge you higher price. The poor service is definitely a downside that hit this restaurant hard. After all, why would I pay to be treated like I did if the food did not even attract me that much? For $20 per person, The Viet Noodle Guy is way too costly for what they have to offer. Not recommended.

Pho D’Lite, Vietnamese Restaurant

I am a firm believer that the pho special in a Vietnamese restaurant is the best indicator to see if the restaurant is good. The pho special usually have a bit of everything they offer. I would use this to find out which ingredient is better at this restaurant. The soup was very hot. It is perfect to cook rare meat. After cooked, the meat was quite tender. Other ingredients that are good include beef brisket and tripe.

Hanoi Old Quarter Restaurant

This is a cold dish that is very refreshing to eat during Summer. The presentation is awesome. The use of straw plate and banana leaf transformed this dish to something more exotic. When the waitress brought this dish to us, I could still see the vermicelli bouncing left and right. The key to this dish is the freshness of its ingredients. Aside from the Grilled pork belly and the pork patties. All the herbs are very crispy. The different flavours of the herbs are very subtle. We have cucumber, mint, lettuce, celery, basil, and bean sprout on the side. Perhaps 1 to 2 more herbs I cannot name. They will come out and surprise you with their unique fragrance when you are not paying too much attention to them. The grilled pork belly and pork patties are soaked in fish sauce with fermented veggie. The soup is sweet and sour with a little kick of spicy. They taste really good. However, I find the thinly sliced bacon-style pork belly a little tough to the bite. Similarly to the pork patties a little tough on the outside. The pork pattie’s interior is quite tender.

Ba Le Deli and Bakery, Bahn Mi

Ba Le’s #5 special sandwich is my favorite sandwich. I guess the memory goes back to the first time I’ve had it. When it took me by surprise of what a sandwich can be. I’ll tell you, “Subway” is nothing compared to this. #5 Special Sandwich is pretty much the same as the #3 Cold Cut Sandwich. Except #5 Special have a lot more meat. You can find Vietnamese sausage, Ham, Pate, Home made mayonnaise, Pickled daikon radish and carrots, Cilantro and Cucumber. The sandwich is cut in the middle for easier consumption. It is not completely cut. Which gave me a satisfying feeling when taking them apart. The exterior of the bread is hard, feels solid. I could hear the bread crumble when pulling on them.

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