Burnaby North

Burnaby North

Achino salted egg yolk and boba ice cream bar

Considering Archino is following the footstep of the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Ice Cream Bar, we do not think this salted egg yolk & boba ice cream bar did well. Aside from the salted egg yolk flavour being unevenly distributed which made the flavour inconsistent, the boba’s texture also wasn’t very pleasant. It’s true that this is still a tasty ice cream bar which gives you a sweet and savory alternating taste. We just expected more for a $2 per pop ice cream bar.

eF & Be Bakehouse, authentic Japanese online bakery

Japanese call their buns “pans”. All of the items we got are not overly sweet and have a balanced flavour. I think the price is a little more expensive than most bakeries, but the quality of the baked goods really speaks for itself. We would advise anyone who hasn’t tried it to give it a try. The soft and chewy texture of the buns is what good buns should taste like.

Michi Craft Kitchen

Michi Craft Kitchen’s Taiwanese restaurant is an above-average approach to both the cost and quality of food. The price is up there, but the food quality is playing catch-up. While the spicy Michi was pleasantly seasoned, there is nothing special about the chicken wing and sticky rice. Having to spend the effort on de-boning the chicken wings and stuffing sticky rice in them and charge customers $7 per chicken wing makes me wonder how they stay in business for over a year. Both of the rice dishes we have ordered have good taste. However, we would appreciate a more honest approach to rice/sauce proportion.

Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant

Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant is a home-style Korean restaurant that focuses on baby octopus stir-fry. One of the special services they provide is to make fried rice at your table using the stir-fry you have ordered. Aside from the shady neighborhood and the tinted windows Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant achieved a very high score to our standard. The small octopus stir-fry cost $36 which drives the overall cost up to $22 per person, but it is reasonable considering we were enjoying fresh seafood. If you enjoy Korean food, we recommend giving Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant a try.

Shiny Tea at Aberdeen Square

Shiny Tea’s quality is comparable to Hanlin Tea House, if not identical. The lower cost for the same tea comes without the wonderful interior decor Hanlin Tea House has. The price tag of $5.49 is cheaper than Hanlin, which makes Shiny Tea the perfect tea station for a quick grab and go.

Comebuy Bubble Tea franchise in Burnaby

Comebuy’s fresh milk tea costs $6.20 with pearls, which is a little lower than average. The tea has an interesting flavour and everything in the cup feels refreshing. It was a little odd that the staff blended my milk tea with ice before serving, but I guess it was to cut the ice into smaller pieces. Comebuy offers a simple cup of refreshment and it makes me want to go back for more. I will stop making fun of the name.

Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant

Green & Oak strive to provide good food, and their attention to details can be observed during my time here. There’s no doubt that Green & Oak is such an iconic Malaysian Restaurnat in the greater Vancouver. For $20 per person, we really enjoyed our meal. If you just order a set dish without satay, you can probably lower the cost down to $13, which I believe is quite fair for the food quality.

Snow Angel Cafe Extravagant Korean Dessert in Burnaby

Snow Angel Cafe may not have a business philosophy, but they really captured the heart of many customers with their beautifully presented desserts. Everything we have ordered was created with a very high standard that they don’t just taste good, but also very exciting to look at. I know their bingsoos are also very beautiful but didn’t have a chance to try them during this visit. We would definitely come back for it.

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