Maple Ridge

Chatime, The bubble tea franchise that started it all

Chatime’s drinks cost are considered average compared to most other bubble tea places. Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea costs $5.85 each. The Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk cost $6.35. Most of the tea served here are pre-made and kept in different casks. They might not be the best bubble tea place, but the taste really entice my palate.

Freshslice Pizza

I ordered two slices of pizza for $4.90, one “basic”, one “feast”. The serving speed was instant. I even received a smile from the staff. The topping are not overly generous, but acceptable. Nothing taste out of the ordinary. we can see the crust rise evenly, an indication of a yeast with grease premixed dough. The texture is consistent. Nothing too hard to bite. The bottom crust has good structure. I was able to pick up the pizza by the crust without much dipping down. The bottom is not soggy. This is a decent pizza for its price.

Formosa Nursery, The Only Organic U-Pick In The Lower Mainland.

Blueberries are healthy, pesticides are not. Organic blueberries are expensive. If you are willing to pay a bit more for truly healthy blueberries, it is a lot more affordable when you go straight to the suppliers. Formosa Nursery blueberries are not overly sweet. These organic blueberries are a little sour, just how I think blueberries to be. Because it is fresh and never frozen, I could even taste a hint floral, kind of like roses. Please stay away from this location if you are selfish or have a tendency to break things. I’d like to continue enjoying this peace haven in the many years to come.

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