Achino salted egg yolk and boba ice cream bar

Considering Archino is following the footstep of the Brown Sugar Milk Tea Boba Ice Cream Bar, we do not think this salted egg yolk & boba ice cream bar did well. Aside from the salted egg yolk flavour being unevenly distributed which made the flavour inconsistent, the boba’s texture also wasn’t very pleasant. It’s true that this is still a tasty ice cream bar which gives you a sweet and savory alternating taste. We just expected more for a $2 per pop ice cream bar.

Boiling Point Personal Hot Pot Franchise in Burnaby

To be honest, I don’t know why Boiling Point has such a long line up. Sometimes, I just feel like going there especially when the weather gets cold. This establishment really gives me the feeling that they treat everything like an assembly line. The soup has lots of taste, and that’s what Boiling Point is good at, but it’s obvious they come from artificial flavouring. There is evidence showing the ingredients are not fresh, and everything is overcooked except the raw egg in the pot. Every hot pot is so packed with ingredients that there’s no room for things to cook properly, so the gel fueled flame’s only purpose is to keep things warm. That being said, I guess what attracts customers the most is their competitive price as a hot pot. If you want to get a hot pot for less than $20, your options are probably limited to Boiling Point, and food court hot pot.

Fragrance Salted Egg Fish Skin

Fragrance’s salted egg fish skin cost $7.99 for a small bag. I think this is more expensive than Stip’s Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips, but it is reasonable because we are comparing fish skin to potato chips. Texture-wise, they are both crispy thin that tastes salty. The fish skin adds more flavour, but it’s less sweet. They are both quite good, but the subtle flavour difference caters to different foodies.

Coco fresh tea and juice franchise on Kingsway

Most of the large tea in Coco is in the range of $5 to $6. My 3 guys cost $6.40 because of the toppings. Coco’s large size drink uses the long and narrow deceiving cup. It is because of this, I prefer Chatime over Coco. All prejudice aside, Coco’s drink has a good flavour. They are not aiming to be the top of the line bubble tea place, but they are the good enough tea shop when it’s convenient to you.

Stip’s Chips Salted Egg Potato Chips Original Flavour

A bag of Stip’s chips salted egg potato chips weighing 200g cost $11. This is a lot of money to be spending on a bag of chips. Regardless of what I think, people are still buying these chips because it provides such a unique flavour. It feels like a lot more work has been put into making these chips compared to regular chips, so I can somewhat justify the price. I enjoyed the bag I purchased, and I think the flavour is very addicting.

QianDao hotpot in Surrey

QianDao hotpot is a nice hotpot establishment in Surrey T&T Supermarket. This restaurant offers natural and refreshing broth base for you to cook your raw food. The broth was very enjoyable before you move on to cooking. Once the cooking starts, this advantage diminishes as not much of the broth’s flavour gets carried to the food especially with the sauce from the condiment station. Service wise, the staff came to refill the broth at least 4 times but only came to refill the tea once at the end of our meal. This is likely to be a business decision to sell more drinks. The meat is pretty fresh but the assorted balls are expensive for what they are. Our visit cost us $40 per person with the majority of the cost coming from the broth. The combo can get you a cheaper meal. However, judging from the other customer’s order, they don’t not look like a good deal. Overall, QianDao has quality, but the cost is also pretty high.

Vancouver’s best burger for 10 years

you cannot get the smoky charred beef patty without it being flame-grilled. It is a flavour not many places can duplicate. Their weakness lies in the unclear menu options. I couldn’t find a way to create a combo, so I didn’t even get a drink. My Vera burger with fries cost $13.07 after-tax. This price is very similar to Fatburger. The burger at Vera’s is slightly smaller, but they shine through with the flavour.

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