Coco fresh tea and juice franchise on Kingsway

Most of the large tea in Coco is in the range of $5 to $6. My 3 guys cost $6.40 because of the toppings. Coco’s large size drink uses the long and narrow deceiving cup. It is because of this, I prefer Chatime over Coco. All prejudice aside, Coco’s drink has a good flavour. They are not aiming to be the top of the line bubble tea place, but they are the good enough tea shop when it’s convenient to you.

Chatime, The bubble tea franchise that started it all

Chatime’s drinks cost are considered average compared to most other bubble tea places. Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea costs $5.85 each. The Brown Sugar Pearls Fresh Milk cost $6.35. Most of the tea served here are pre-made and kept in different casks. They might not be the best bubble tea place, but the taste really entice my palate.

Freshslice Pizza

I ordered two slices of pizza for $4.90, one “basic”, one “feast”. The serving speed was instant. I even received a smile from the staff. The topping are not overly generous, but acceptable. Nothing taste out of the ordinary. we can see the crust rise evenly, an indication of a yeast with grease premixed dough. The texture is consistent. Nothing too hard to bite. The bottom crust has good structure. I was able to pick up the pizza by the crust without much dipping down. The bottom is not soggy. This is a decent pizza for its price.

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