$35 – $45

toptable2u high-end restaurants delivery for your COVID-19 dine-in

We had a very good overall experience with TopTabl2U. Regardless of the heavy slash in price, the execution from ordering, delivery, and cooking instructions are all very simple and professionally done. Our delivery person was polite and punctual. He called me 5 minutes before arrival so I know what to expect. There was no unpleasant surprise and I assume this small detail reduces the potential delay for each of his delivery. The pre-processed ingredients are tasty and eliminated much of the time for cooking, which gives me confident and make my cooking experience quite pleasant. We would recommend TopTable2U to anyone who is unable to go to restaurants due to either COVID-19 or having young children at home.

Macao Doulao All You Can Eat Personal Hotpot in Burnaby

I think Macao Doulao has pretty good all you can eat option if you are only looking for normal, non-extravagant ingredients. The price tag of $28.88 is a little misleading because you also have to add the $4.99 soup and $1.99 condiment access fee. The all you can eat option will cost $36 per person, minimum. This is very cheap considering the amount of meat we’ve had, but do know that the meat has lower quality.

QianDao hotpot in Surrey

QianDao hotpot is a nice hotpot establishment in Surrey T&T Supermarket. This restaurant offers natural and refreshing broth base for you to cook your raw food. The broth was very enjoyable before you move on to cooking. Once the cooking starts, this advantage diminishes as not much of the broth’s flavour gets carried to the food especially with the sauce from the condiment station. Service wise, the staff came to refill the broth at least 4 times but only came to refill the tea once at the end of our meal. This is likely to be a business decision to sell more drinks. The meat is pretty fresh but the assorted balls are expensive for what they are. Our visit cost us $40 per person with the majority of the cost coming from the broth. The combo can get you a cheaper meal. However, judging from the other customer’s order, they don’t not look like a good deal. Overall, QianDao has quality, but the cost is also pretty high.

Newly Opened Northern Chinese Style Hotpot in Richmond

Our visit to Beijing Hotpot cost us $47 per person after tax. It is expensive but it is also in line with most of the hotpot restaurants with similar quality. I like how wed on’t need to pay extra to access a comprehensive condiment bar. The portion for both meat and veggies are larger than Dolar Shop. There is not much choice for the broth, but the excellent sauce made up for it. They really paid attention in the designing the detail to set the mood, and I have no problem recommending this hotpot restaurant.

Tamaki Gold California Koshihikari Short Grain Rice

This bowl of rice looks very cute when served. It has consistent texture that is sticky but not too much. The rice grain were whole and unbroken even after stirring and scooping. Chewing on the rice gave me a satisfying feeling. It is moist without being soggy. The grains are sticky but each grain can be separated without much effort. It has good aroma, and the starch gave it a mild sweetness.

Miss Fu In Chengdu Franchise New Sichuan tapas and skewers in Richmond

We are used to seeing most franchise coming from Asia to have long line up for the first few months. I have seen many of these franchise fail to retain customers after a year. However, I have really high hope for Miss Fu In Chengdu to continue their successful business. Their food is really delectable and well made. There are complex flavour underneath the spiciness so their spiciness are not monotonous. Their food has really high standard, comparable to the ones I have tried in Chengdu years ago. I highly recommend this place if you are up for spicy food, and I think they are going to be around for a while.

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen, modified authentic Thai food in Vancouver

Overall, I think Kin Kot is an above-average Thai restaurant. It cost us $35 per person because each main course cost about $20. I like how they are serious about spicy food. They are also comfortable spicy, with no chemical taste. I was sweating like a waterfall by the end of it, but the burning sensation did not linger to cause any discomfort in my mouth. I would recommend Kin Kot, but wouldn’t’ come here often due to the high cost.

Vij’s Indian Fine Dining Restaurant in Vancouver

Vij’s has been around for a couple of years. In the beginning, there was always line up outside the door. They allowed reservation a year after. I just show up at the door on my visit. It was 6:00 pm and there was no line-up. The food still tastes pretty good, but I do question some of the business decisions they have made. Overall, the curry at Vij’s has a lot more complex flavour profiles compared to your normal Indian buffet places. It does cost about $45 per person, and the tips on the credit card machine are set to 18% as a minimum. This pretty much triples any other Indian restaurants. It’s a good place for special occasion, but not recommended for daily visits.

Dolpan Seoul BBQ

Dolpan Seoul BBQ has good customer service. The ingredients look fresh and beautiful when they are raw. I like how I can enjoy the company of my friends without having to cook my own Korean BBQ. For $50 per person, it is very expensive. I hope they can pay more attention on the cooking because over-cooking these beautiful ingredients is such a waste.

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