Hidden Trash

Old Xian’s Food (老西安厨娘子) in Crystal Mall

I have not tried other Old Xian’s Food location, but Old Xian’s Food’s Crystal Mall branch really should not be operating. Their food quality received a 1-star review because we don’t have the option to give 0 star. The noodle has poor texture, mediocre taste, and they skimp out on the meat. On the other hand, the rougamo is just so bad that it should not even exist. You can really see the minimal care they put into their food. We have nothing against this restaurant chain, but the poor quality of the food served at their Crystal mall location is simply unbelievable. We do not recommend Old Xian’s Food.

Choo Tea trendy Chinese bubble tea franchise with questionable google review

Choo Tea offers specialty drinks at a premium price. When they didn’t want to charge more to go above the norm, they reduced the quantity in drinks. I don’t find their drinks refreshing. It feels more like a dessert that requires another drink on the side. The poor service and careless staff show Choo Tea lacks integrity. Worst of all, I do not appreciate their manipulating social media reviews.

Tea for emperor, A self-proclaimed promise that has gone too far

If I was the emperor to receive this cup of tea as a tribute, I would have wiped out their civilization really quickly. Perhaps my expectation was set too high after reading Gong Cha’s business philosophy. Unfortunately, they did not live up to the standard they have set out on their own website. Today, I have had a cup of tea that fails at the forefront of the tea’s body, the topping, and even the size. I cannot think of any reason to recommend Gong Cha.

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