Angelina’s Dutch Corner

Pannekoek are like pancakes without leavening agents. Their texture is similar to French crepes without the crispiness. We don’t typically go for Dutch-style brunch but Angelina’s Dutch Corner definitely gave us a positive experience. It is a little expensive close to $20 per person with drink, but the large portion definitely make up for the expense. For my savory pannekoek, the hollandaise sauce did a lot of heavy lifting to keep things interesting.

Nemesis coffee downtown brunch

Nemesis Coffee was worth the trip. The two-page menu looks simple, but the flavour of toppings really compliment each other. I heard their brekky sando and french toast are really well made, and that is what I am going to order next time. The cost of $14 per person including drinks is not that expensive either. Nemesis Coffee is one of the best brunch places in town, and I encourage everyone to go and enjoy a lazy weekend morning.

Michele Cake Shop is the Best Bakery at Kerresdale

We purchased a small chestnut cake because they did not have the sliced versions. Our cake was beautifully layered with fruits and whipped cream. The extravagant chocolate decorations look like abstract art. We cut it open to reveal the layered sponge cake and chestnut filling. The sponge cake has good springy texture, and they are not dry at all. I enjoyed the chestnut filling because they are not too sweet. Most of the sweetness comes from whipped cream. The flavour profile is very balanced.

Le Marché St. George, a true Hidden Gem in Vancouver

This is the first time that I feel that my vocabulary is too narrow to describe an establishment. I don’t think this article did justice to this neighbourhood cafe grocery store. I simply cannot praise Le Marché St. George enough. This is what a restaurant with integrity and superior standard. They preserved tradition and created a safe haven in the neighbourhood. Parents would bring their young children here for Sunday outing. The children would know exactly what to do, shouting out what they want from the menu, and sitting down in their favorite spot to play. Coming here really made me wonder. Perhaps this is what we work so hard for. Le Marché St. George costs about $15 per person, and this is a place you owe it to yourself to try.

Ham & Eggman’s New Brunch place in Vancouver

Ham and Eggman’s is a very new brunch specialty restaurant that just opened in March 2019. Contrary to other similar cheap restaurants with large portion, the food was very well crafted and have a high quality standard. The $15 per person price point is definitely worth it, even with the 15% min tips preset on the credit card machine.

Good Food Lekoufu (樂口福) at Parker place Richmond

I admit it doesn’t look very appealing, but they actually taste pretty good. The only complain I have about the taste is the flavour only comes from the sauce. I ordered the steak with black pepper on rice. The chef covered the plate of rice with two large thin pieces of steak on top. Then the front staff opens a pre-mixed black pepper sauce and gave me 3 scoops. Good Food Lekoufu is a Cantonese Cafe style restaurant. These restaurants are known for their massive portion of carbohydrates and minimal protein. For $12, I got a small cold drink and the meat I got are a lot more than what I get from a $15 Cantonese Cafe. They have pretty bad presentation, and I don’t know how long the sauce have been in the big pot, but the food taste okay with it. It’s pretty much you get what you paid for. It’s not the best food here, but I have seen a lot worse. So, I can comfortably recommend this food stand for people who are looking for cheap eat.

Marulilu Cafe, Japanese Cafe Diner in Vancouver

I think the waffles are really worth it. The exterior is slightly charred to give it a crispy texture. Of course, the interior is very fluffy. It comes with unflavoured whipped cream and one with chocolate flavour. Eating the waffle with the whipped cream and syrup is heavenly.

Oak+Cru Social Kitchen & Bar

This is a consolidated review for 3 of our visit to Oak+Cru Social Kitchen and wine bar. We had experienced the different aspect of this restaurant. As a restaurant within hotels go, Oak+Cru is fairly priced at $30 per person for breakfast. The food is not the best, but above average. The service is pretty good, but staff seems to be confused by the different promotions. Awesome atmosphere and view. If you live in the hotel. Oak+Cru is going to be the most convenient location for you.

Egg & Co. Brunch

I apologize for having to be so blunt and straight forward. The hashbrown is simply dreadful. The exterior is not crunchy. It feels like they have been fried and left aside for a while before it’s served. The interiors are all dried out. I could almost choke on them. Of course, the expensive and non-refillable coffee did not help. Ikea makes better hashbrowns than Egg & Co. I love hashbrowns, and it is very rare that I cannot finish the hashbrown.

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