Mr Japanese Curry

Mr. Japanese Curry recently opened their door. There are always line up in front of their door. There are 2 guys working the kitchen and counter. They are friendly and knowledgeable of their product. Their slogan is “Curry for All!!”, and it can be witnessed in the versatility of their menu. That being said, Mr. Japanese Curry really delivers a comfortable hearty meal with high quality ingredients that doesn’t break your wallet.

Green & Oak Malaysian Restaurant

Green & Oak strive to provide good food, and their attention to details can be observed during my time here. There’s no doubt that Green & Oak is such an iconic Malaysian Restaurnat in the greater Vancouver. For $20 per person, we really enjoyed our meal. If you just order a set dish without satay, you can probably lower the cost down to $13, which I believe is quite fair for the food quality.

Basil Box Franchise Healthy South East Asian Fast Food

The food at Basil Box is tasty, but the flavour profile was a little bland for people who are used to higher sodium Asian food with a punch. I like how simple it is to order with no item on the menu that would cost you extra. Even a first-timer like me can have a pleasant ordering experience with a little help from the server. For $11.95 a box, it is a little expensive with the small portion. However, Basil Box is a healthy South Eastern Asian food alternative so it is really up to the individual’s opinion whether they are worth it.

i-Cafe Cantonese Cafe

Cantonese Cafe has gained enough traction over the years by putting Cantonese spins on major cuisines like American, French, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, and Japanese food. I personally find it insulting because you simply cannot miso in your noodle and call it Ramen. However, there is definitely a demand for this type of food, so who am I to judge? That being said, I would stick to the Asian cuisines offered in i-Cafe. The ever-increasing food cost has reached $14 for a lunch special with a cold drink. What you have to be a little careful about Cantonese cafe such as i-Cafe is some of the semi-hidden costs. For example, $1 extra for cold drinks, or $1 extra if you want to swap out for Ramen noodle.

Kin Kao Thai Kitchen, modified authentic Thai food in Vancouver

Overall, I think Kin Kot is an above-average Thai restaurant. It cost us $35 per person because each main course cost about $20. I like how they are serious about spicy food. They are also comfortable spicy, with no chemical taste. I was sweating like a waterfall by the end of it, but the burning sensation did not linger to cause any discomfort in my mouth. I would recommend Kin Kot, but wouldn’t’ come here often due to the high cost.

Vij’s Indian Fine Dining Restaurant in Vancouver

Vij’s has been around for a couple of years. In the beginning, there was always line up outside the door. They allowed reservation a year after. I just show up at the door on my visit. It was 6:00 pm and there was no line-up. The food still tastes pretty good, but I do question some of the business decisions they have made. Overall, the curry at Vij’s has a lot more complex flavour profiles compared to your normal Indian buffet places. It does cost about $45 per person, and the tips on the credit card machine are set to 18% as a minimum. This pretty much triples any other Indian restaurants. It’s a good place for special occasion, but not recommended for daily visits.

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