Mala Dry Pot

Taiwan Eatery, Specialty chicken made by Cantonese

Is Taiwan Eatery a Taiwanese restaurant? Definitely not. But is it a restaurant that provides cheap good food? I think so. The best advice we can give the owner of Taiwan Eatery is that they should be more confident. Taiwan Eatery has great food, beautiful decor, and excellent service so they can definitely start their own Cantonese thing instead of labeling themselves with Taiwan. Even though the food tastes absolutely amazing, we cannot give a full 5-star review due to non-authentic Taiwanese food with the restuarant name like Taiwan Eatery.

Kowloon Chinese Restaurant Mala Dry Pot in Crystal Mall

If I was writing a review for Kowloon Chinese Restaurant a year ago, they would have been rated near-perfect. Ever since their reopening, I find a decline in taste and food quality. The storeowner’s connection to the local students is still there. It is heart-warming seeing many international students away from home having someone to talk to, so I think Kowloon is doing something right. It is worth mentioning that the store owner is very nice and generous to allow customers to bring outside drinks to enjoy with their mala dry pot. Our visit cost us $30 per person, and that is not cheap. I really hope they can pick their flavour mojo back up.

Fortune Lamb Dining, Chinese Restaurant on Kingsway Vancouver

Fortune Lamb Dining serves authentic Northern Chinese cuisine for $30 per person. Their food taste good but the food is expensive. This restaurant used to taste even better, but the quality of their food decreased as they got busy over the years. I would still recommend this restaurant, however I would be careful on what to order.

Chef Pin, Mala Dry Pot

Most of the other similar restaurants would put a lot of oil as a medium to carry flavour from herbs to the ingredients. What I like about Chef Pin is the dry pot’s base is not over oily, but the pot still has a lot of flavour. The first couple of bites didn’t do much for me. Starting the 3rd bite, I feel the spiciness crawling from my throat into my mouth. The spicy taste burning to make me want to stop eating, but the different ingredients and perfectly balanced flavour urge me to continue. My watermelon juice is freshly blended. They taste the same as the watermelon slice. I cannot detect any added sugar. The juice is not blended too fine. Some of the texture of the melon remained. This juice aided me in combatting the spicy burning sensation in my mouth.

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