L’atelier Patisserie, Desserts Cakes and Croissants

L’atelier Patisserie serves very refined baked products. The pastry chef here has the boldness to combine ingredients to create new and interesting flavours. They have also demonstrated their techniques that are evident in the simple croissants, which is made with 10% ingredients and 90% skills. In case of anyone wondering, this place is also one of the rare places where the price still looks reasonable. L’atelier Patisserie is now my go-to place when I feel like taking a short trip to France.

Maiko Japanese Matcha Café in Richmond

I was very excited to see another premium matcha themed Japanese dessert franchise opening up in metro Vancouver. The quality and pricing are both standing in the mid range of the parfait places we have tried. Loopy soft-served ice cream is a sign of poor quality for me. Poorly layered parfait and filler toppings also forced them down the ranking ladder. The parfait here is $13.50 after tax, which is on part to Tsujiri’s $14 parfait with much higher quality topping. The parfait here is still a good dessert. It’s just not worth it when compared with other Japanese matcha dessert locations.

Tsujiri, Japanese Matcha cafe in Richmond

Compared to Nana’s Green Tea’s $9.80 parfait, Tsujiri’s $14 parfait feels like a whole other ball game. The parfait at Tsujiri is 150% more expensive, but they seem to use more interesting toppings. I’m not sure if these topping is worth the extra $4 to you. The lone line up seems to indicate the worthiness of these toppings. I personally cannot justify the cost because they simply can charge higher for a parfait in 2019, but will leave the decision up to you guys.

Nana’s Green Tea, Japanese Matcha Dessert Franchise in Vancouvr

Nana’s Green Tea is a very good matcha dessert shop. They lived up to their name, everything related to matcha has a rich taste to it. It is well controlled so it doesn’t taste bitter. The cost of $8 per person on average is a little high, but their premium matcha is from Kyoto. It is very authentic and nothing is watered down. Please note that they also serve Hojicha dessert, ramen, and Donburi. I would definitely recommend Nana’s Green Tea.

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