Midnight Snack

Pearl Castle Cafe in Burnaby

Pearl Castle Cafe is a below-average bubble tea restaurant where you can meet up with friends over drinks and perhaps get a quick bite throughout the process. The food is made with below-average ingredients and is not well taken care of. Even so, the average cost per person is approximately $16. With the recent improvement of the Vancouver food scene, we have a lot of better options than here. I would probably only come here with friends who I have known for more than 15 years for old time’s sake.

Tanlu Grill authentic charcoal barbeque

Tanlu Grill gave me a dining experience I have never had before. The thoughtful open grill made flaming grill possible. Different parts of the beef have different texture so you can order to your liking. The high-quality beef comes with a premium in cost. Our visit cost us $75 per person. I think it’s expensive but expected because of the meat quality and slow turnover rate. I think Tanlu Grill is a premium restaurant perfect for treating important friends who love barbeque, but not suitable for daily consumption.

Snow Angel Cafe Extravagant Korean Dessert in Burnaby

Snow Angel Cafe may not have a business philosophy, but they really captured the heart of many customers with their beautifully presented desserts. Everything we have ordered was created with a very high standard that they don’t just taste good, but also very exciting to look at. I know their bingsoos are also very beautiful but didn’t have a chance to try them during this visit. We would definitely come back for it.

Carving Deboned Serrano Ham From Costco

This delectable charcuterie has a high fat content. We opened a bottle of red wine for pairing so it doesn’t get too monotone. With good companies among friends everyone took turn in carving. Noel’s Serrano ham became the totemic element of our party. Even though it was our first time carving a ham, the $89.99 is well worth the price tag. Think about how much you have to pay for a few slices of Spanish cured ham at the store. The Noel’s Serrano ham is a thanksgiving seasonal item at Costco with limited quantity. If you want to give your guest a different experience this holiday, make sure you snatch this unique item as they become available.

Baked Sweet Potatoes from H-Mart

The sweet potato easily breaks apart by simply folding it. You would first notice the golden color interior accompanied by the steam. There is a strong sugary hearty smell that invades my nostril, and I welcome it with a deep breath. My puppy would charge towards me, then look at me with his begging eyes to trade for a piece of my treasure. This wholesome healthy treat is suitable for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Truffle Gouda by Dutch Cheese Makers Corp.

We were really happy to find this luxurious treat from Whole Foods Market. The sample size cost more per unit, but the cost for larger quantity at $10.99/lb is actually not that bad. This added truffle flavour may not be for cheese experts as I do find the flavour getting boring after a while. However, the Klare Melk Truffle Gouda would definitely impress your friends who haven’t tried them. It would be perfect for a cheese party or even pot luck.

Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant in Vancouver East

Kook Korean BBQ Restaurant is one of the newer Korean BBQ places in Vancouver. Their strength is the premium ingredient quality and the service provided. It is not a down to earth restaurant like Wang Ga Ma in Coquitlam and the $33 per person price point definitely includes the cost of their decoration. I would recommend this place if the portion is larger. On my restaurant list, it is being categorized as a premium Korean restaurant in Vancouver East.

My Frosty, Korean Dessert Cafe

My Frosty’s bingsoo has very high quality in terms of flavour and insulation of the shaved ice. A lot of the other bingsoo I have tried elsewhere have the ice melting as soon as it’s made. My Frosty’s shaved ice retained its form. It took me 12 minutes to finish my bingsoo, and the shaved ice remained reasonable flakiness until the end. A large bingsoo cost $14, and I would recommend this to everyone. Just make sure you don’t come here when they’re busy.

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