Old Xian’s Food (老西安厨娘子) in Crystal Mall

I have not tried other Old Xian’s Food location, but Old Xian’s Food’s Crystal Mall branch really should not be operating. Their food quality received a 1-star review because we don’t have the option to give 0 star. The noodle has poor texture, mediocre taste, and they skimp out on the meat. On the other hand, the rougamo is just so bad that it should not even exist. You can really see the minimal care they put into their food. We have nothing against this restaurant chain, but the poor quality of the food served at their Crystal mall location is simply unbelievable. We do not recommend Old Xian’s Food.

Nongshim Korean Clay Pot Ramyun Instant Noodle

My added spam was the most enjoyable part of the Nongshim Korean Clay Pot Ramyun. The ramyun does live up to its name for being chewy after being soaked in hot water for 5 minutes. However, the taste wasn’t that memorable. When I see the word “clay pot”, I was expecting Korean specialty hot sauce and a bit of sweetness from caramelized ingredients. Unfortunately, none of which was present. The Nongshim Korean Clay Pot Ramyun has got the texture, but the taste is 2 stars at best.

Sutah Ramen Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup by Samyang

Samyang’s Sutah Ramen is pretty cheap at $4.97 for a package of 5. That’s only a little more expensive than $1 per package after tax. I like the texture of their noodle, which is clearly advertised on the packaging. The spicy flavour is good but the soup base is a little boring. I would recommend this ramen for people who enjoy the chewy texture of noodles. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy this at home. I would probably try to make my own soup base though.

Benkei Ramen on West Broadway Vancouver

Benkei Ramen is a seasoned ramen joint that’s been around for a while. Their price went up a little but remained in the same range throughout the years. That is why it is still a ramen place a lot of people default to. I personally think their ramen is too soft and feels a little overcooked. Their special dish is the curry ramen, with the soup similar to the miso ramen that is too thick to drink. Benkei Ramen is an okay ramen joint with a very competitive price of $13 per person. Because of that, there’s always going to be customers willing to come here instead of Raman Santouka across the street.

Long’s Noodle House best Xiao Long Bao in Vancouver

Long’s Noodle House is one of the iconic Shanghai cuisine restaurants in Vancouver. It has been considered the best place to go for Xiao Long Bao in Vancouver before the recent food scene bloom. I have tried many new restaurants that offers Xiao Long Bao in their menu, but many still fall short compared to the ones served at Long’s. The cost for $26 per person is a little high, but that is because we ordered quite a bit of food for 2 people. If you are even a little bit interested in Xiao Long Bao, you should give Long’s Noodle House a try.

RedBeef noodle Kitchen premium Taiwanese restaurant

RedBeef noodle Kitchen serves authentic Taiwanese food, but everyone mention their price whenever this restaurant is talked about. It seems like customers are always willing to eat sub-par food in exchange for a lower price point. In my experience in talking to restaurant owners, I found out that the last little extra mile of quality always requires a disproportionate large amount of effort. I don’t think RedBeef is expensive for the quality they provide.

Grand Chinese Restaurant Ambitious Name but Disappointing Food

The menu here is like a patchwork with no focus. This tells me they can make everything, but does not excel in anything. It’s kind of like an upgraded version of a Cantonese Cafe. They serve Southern Chinese cuisine like Szechuan food that is not spicy and Shanghai food that is not delicate. They also serve Northern Chinese cuisine like pancakes and noodles that I did not dare to try. The price of $26 per person is simply too high for the poor quality of food.

Pot House on West 41st

41 noodle & rice pot house is a no-frill Cantonese restaurant. Where they lack with non-glamorous decor, cheap tableware, and broken cups are picked up by authenticity, food quality and value. I had a very frustrating dining experience picking out sharp shattered chicken bones from the hardened charred rice, but the food was still very tasty. I would recommend this restaurant. Just don’t get the chicken.

The highest-ranking Taiwanese food in Richmond

To be honest, Potelicious’ food tastes mediocre because more than half of the items I’ve ordered lacks flavour. Their spicy sauce are tasty. Most customers probably use condiments to make up for the taste. The sausages are and chicken are tasty and I enjoyed the stinky tofu’s texture. I can understand their popularity based on their low price and large portion. You really can’t get the same food quality elsewhere for the same amount of money you’re paying here. We recommend Potelicious for people who can eat a lot, but don’t have unrealistic high expectation for the taste.

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