Spicy Food

Mr Japanese Curry

Mr. Japanese Curry recently opened their door. There are always line up in front of their door. There are 2 guys working the kitchen and counter. They are friendly and knowledgeable of their product. Their slogan is “Curry for All!!”, and it can be witnessed in the versatility of their menu. That being said, Mr. Japanese Curry really delivers a comfortable hearty meal with high quality ingredients that doesn’t break your wallet.

Hot Pot Master on Kingsway (正宗钢管厂五区小郡肝串串香) Authentic Skewers Hot Pot in Vancouver

Hot Pot Master comes from a long line of tradition from Sichuan. This Kingsway location is the first authentic location in Vancouver. I enjoyed the flavour and quality of food, as well as the easily controlled cost. One can just go to the cooler display to grab the skewers, and there is no minimum number you have to grab. This first location is not in the best neighborhood, but I look forward to seeing them thrive.

Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant

Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant is a home-style Korean restaurant that focuses on baby octopus stir-fry. One of the special services they provide is to make fried rice at your table using the stir-fry you have ordered. Aside from the shady neighborhood and the tinted windows Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant achieved a very high score to our standard. The small octopus stir-fry cost $36 which drives the overall cost up to $22 per person, but it is reasonable considering we were enjoying fresh seafood. If you enjoy Korean food, we recommend giving Oh! Zzhu Sam Korean Restaurant a try.

Sutah Ramen Hot & Spicy Noodle Soup by Samyang

Samyang’s Sutah Ramen is pretty cheap at $4.97 for a package of 5. That’s only a little more expensive than $1 per package after tax. I like the texture of their noodle, which is clearly advertised on the packaging. The spicy flavour is good but the soup base is a little boring. I would recommend this ramen for people who enjoy the chewy texture of noodles. It’s a luxury to be able to enjoy this at home. I would probably try to make my own soup base though.

Chicken Winner Spicy Chicken Franchise in Richmond

It’s a shame Chicken Winner’s signature dish is such a trouble to enjoy. You need to have either extremely high tolerance to spicy food or superhuman patience so you don’t accidentally ingest sharp chicken bones. The 3 of us came here and ordered 4 dishes which came to $30 per person. This price is more than fair for the quality of food and the exciting varieties of spiciness. We would definitely recommend it as long as you don’t order the Stir Fry Diced Chicken With Chili and Pepper signature dish.

Yunshang Rice Noodle House at Crystal Mall

Yunshang Rice Noodle serves most of its main course in hot clay pot. It’s a warm comfort food alternative to hot pot in this cold weather. The food doesn’t taste that special. Our visit cost us about approximately $19 per person. For the same price, there are better rice noodle options.

Ramen Gaoh in North Burnaby

Ramen Gaoh created lots of hype when they first opened. We came to see if we can withstand the spiciest ramen in Vancouver but left with disappointment. The food quality is not bad, but they can be more careful when cooking. I like both the exterior and interior decoration. The dining area has a good atmosphere. Since Ramen Gaoh is opened by the group that opened Ramen Gojiro, Menya Kouji Group, I was expecting a little more for $20 per person.

Hot and Juicy Chicken in the Downlow

This is the first time I am trying Nashville hot chicken. These two flavor-packed deep-fried boneless chicken legs are the best I have had in Vancouver, and I’m not being exaggerated. The exterior is crunchy and crispy, but they crumble to my bite without hurting my gums. Even when wet, the batter remained its texture because it was served right after seasoning. The vibrant red coating looks sinister and knowing I would be soon breathing hell-fire made my mouth water.

Bukjang (Bukchigo Jangguchigo) Korean Cuisine in Coquitlam

Bukjang is a small Korean restaurant. Tradition and authenticity can be observed throughout the store. The food was individually made to order and they are very tasty. We ordered 2 items and it cost us $20 per person so they are not exactly cheap. I think the atmosphere was set up for drinking, and that is what I am going to do on my next visit.

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