Ton Katsu

Mr Japanese Curry

Mr. Japanese Curry recently opened their door. There are always line up in front of their door. There are 2 guys working the kitchen and counter. They are friendly and knowledgeable of their product. Their slogan is “Curry for All!!”, and it can be witnessed in the versatility of their menu. That being said, Mr. Japanese Curry really delivers a comfortable hearty meal with high quality ingredients that doesn’t break your wallet.

Saboten Aberdeen, Tonkatsu in Richmond

Saboten is the biggest tonkatzu franchise in Japan. Unfortunately not a lot of us have heard about them. Because of that, I am considering Saboten a hidden gem in Richmond. Hiring Cantonese to take the order result in loss of true Japanese franchise experience. It’s such a shame that this action gave customer a false first impression that the food may not taste authentic. The $11.50 price point makes them much more affordable than Saku. I have no problem recommending Saboten for anyone who visits Aberdeen food court.

i-Cafe Cantonese Cafe

Cantonese Cafe has gained enough traction over the years by putting Cantonese spins on major cuisines like American, French, Singaporean, Malaysian, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, and Japanese food. I personally find it insulting because you simply cannot miso in your noodle and call it Ramen. However, there is definitely a demand for this type of food, so who am I to judge? That being said, I would stick to the Asian cuisines offered in i-Cafe. The ever-increasing food cost has reached $14 for a lunch special with a cold drink. What you have to be a little careful about Cantonese cafe such as i-Cafe is some of the semi-hidden costs. For example, $1 extra for cold drinks, or $1 extra if you want to swap out for Ramen noodle.

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