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I’ve passed by Nammos Estiatorio many times when buying Earnest Ice Cream next door, but this is the first time I try it. I’ve got to be honest, Nammos took me back to my vacation in Greece immediately. The food, the atmosphere, the patio, even the summer breeze reminds me of my time in Greece. This authentic Greek restaurant is right next to Earnest Ice Cream on Fraser St, close to King Edward Av.

Mythos Brewery is the second largest Greek brewery. Mythos beer is the first beer I tried in Greece. The beer has a good balance with a hint of bitterness. You can’t compare this to craft beer, but it’s not too light like a pilsner and not too strong like an IPA. I ordered it to pair with the authentic Calamari. I didn’t see beer on the menu, but if you ask for Mythos, they will bring it to you.

This patio is right next to Fraser St. Thanks to the wider sidewalk acting as a buffer to the cars, it is still very enjoyable. We sat on the patio to enjoy sunshine. Cars passing by to create cool breeze for us. If we close our eyes, we can pretend we are dining at the cliff-side restaurants of Santorini.

Nescafe were big in Greece. This definitely brings our memory back to Athens. Nammos use empty Nescafe cans to hold the utensils. This is really good attention to details.

This is Saganaki, fried cheese made from kefalograviera cheese (Κεφαλογραβιέρα) . We first tried it in a family style restaurant in Zakynthos. It’s an appetizer that comes with a slice of lemon on the side. Nammos Estiatorio make pretty good Saganaki. The exterior is crispy, but not too hard. When cut, the interior cheese is still flowing a little. The Saganaki is not overly oily. It has a rich taste of milk, and a little salty, which goes well with fresh lemon juice.

The Deep fried calamari was perfectly done

Deep fried calamari has cilantro, onion, and lemon on the side. Paired with beet and garlic puree that is more authentic than your usual tzatziki sauce. The color of the calamari is lighter than I’ve expected. However, the calamari was cooked just right, fresh and crunchy. Deep frying the calamari any longer would havve ruined the texture. This dish was perfectly done.

Grilled Octopus is pretty good, but has room for improvement

Grilled Octopus has cilantro, olive oil, herbs on top and lemon on the side. The grilled octopus I had in Greece was always served as whole, un-sliced tentacle. Nammos Estiatorio cut the tentacle into pieces for us. It is easier for the flavor to soak in this way. The octopus was tender, but a little more chewy at its core. I had expected more from this dish. As for the taste, olive oil and the herbs served the octopus well. They really enhanced the Octopus.

604 Food Critic Assessment

Nammos Estiatorio is one of the best Greek restaurant in Vancouver. They labelled themselves “Authentic Greek Cuisine”, and lived up to it. This place cost about $30 per head, but it’s a small price to pay for the real taste of Greek. The texture of octopus is too hard for me, but that’s preferential. Many can argue that the texture is how authentic food should be. If you have not been to Greece, or have not tried real Greek food. This place is a must try.

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Phone: (604) 428-6850
Address: 3980 Fraser St, Vancouver

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