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Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂) is the latest bubble tea franchise entering the Vancouver dessert market in late 2018. This franchise comes from the origin country of bubble tea, Taiwan. They specialize in brown sugar pearl milk, and claim to use the traditional method to cook the brown sugar pearl. We knew we have to go and check out this place:

Xing Fu Tang has very fast service:

Xing Fu Tang is the hip place to go right now. The line up was out the door when we got there. When other bubble tea places takes 30 minutes to order brown sugar pearl milk, this place seems to do it at a much faster pace. We got our drinks in only 20 minutes.

Rating the drink:

When the drink was handed to me, I see the clear color contrast between milk and brown sugar creating marbling effect on the clear cup. The cup has rounded bottom, which is very cute. It looked very appetizing even before I drink it. When I took the first sip, I could taste the richness of fresh milk balanced perfectly with the brown sugar.

Rating the tapioca:

Brown sugar pearl milk is a popular specialty drink in Asia for a while. The texture of tapioca is affected by the temperature of the drink. Naturally, the tapioca would be softer when it’s hot, harder when it’s cold. So it is understandable that bubble tea places don’t provide service to adjust sugar and ice level. It is worth mentioning that after the initial sweetness, I could taste the light sweetness of the brown sugar that’s fully cooked into tapioca.

Overall Experience:

Xing Fu Tang provide a pleasant drinking experience, and I would say their brown sugar bubble milk is the best I have tasted compared to Yi Fang and Coco. Unfortunately, their asking price is also the highest at $6.80 for a small cup. The good thing with the small volume is it really help us people who needs to go on a diet, but can’t control our sweet tooth.


Xing Fu Tang is located in 3432 Cambie St, Vancouver.


You can find a copy if their menu here.

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